Loyal T-Mobile subscribers waiting for the arrival of HTC’s new phones will be delighted to know that some tentative release dates have just surfaced.

htc-snapHTC Touch Pro2

According to TmoNews, the HTC Snap will become available on July 1st while the Touch Pro2 will arrive at a later date on July 22nd. Likewise, the Touch Pro2 will be renamed the Wing II once it’s released in the US. Nothing is official but a tentative release date to chew on is still better than nothing.

Apart from the HTC pair, release dates for other T-Mobile bound phones were also disclosed:

* Sidekick “Blade” on May 13
* Sony Ericsson “CS8″ on June 24
* Samsung T469 and T559 on July 15
* Samsung T749 on July 22
* Samsung T659 on August 19

Noticeably absent is the successor to the T-Mobile G1, the G2, but with the estimated arrival of HTC Touch Pro2/Wing II happening in July, we’re certainly not missing the new Android phone that much.