How successful is Apple’s App Store? Well, it's now home to 10,000 apps and is continuously growing which, safe to say, makes it a pretty successful venture.

148apps has recorded all the apps that have become available, and thanks to them, we’ve got this amazing figure to work with. It’s also interesting to note that out of that number, 24% are free. That might seem a small figure, but 24% of 10,000 is a whopping 2411 apps that are free of charge. September was the month when business really started to pick up for the App Store. Since then, app submissions per month never fell below 2,000. At this pace, they'll have no problems reaching the 20,000 mark in 5 months time.

Nevertheless, despite the sheer number of apps available for download through the App Store, there are still some applications that are only available through less legit channels (read: jailbreak only). How about you guys? Is your favorite iPhone app available in the App Store already or are you still relying on the whole jailbreak process to get it?