Koodo Mobile Will Have The HTC One V Available On June 1st
We’ve known that Koodo Mobile was going to release the entry-level HTC One V for a few weeks now. Today the “decidedly different” wireless carrier announced on Facebook that it’ll be available on June 1st. They didn’t give an indication of price, but we have an internal screenshot that shows this OS 4.0 ICS device might come in at a respectable $225.


80% Of Mobile Banking Apps May Have Security Flaws
Neal O’Farrell, executive director of the nonprofit Identity Theft Council, spoke about the seriousness of mobile security as part of San Francisco Small Business Week, Cult Of Mac reported. “There were more data breaches than U.S. residents last year and more cases of identity theft than just about all other crimes combined,” O’Farrell said, adding that unless users are encrypting their devices, they are essentially asking for trouble.

Motorola Under Google: 3 Possible Futures
Now that Google has officially and completely swallowed up Motorola Mobility, the question becomes: What now? It’s a good question. When Google announced it was acquiring the company that built the iconic RAZR phone in August last year, it caught many by surprise. Until then, Google seemed to be content to be the chief architect of the Android mobile operating system, leaving hardware manufacturing to, well, hardware manufacturers.

Mobile Security Researchers Present Android Malware Genome Project At IEEE
Android's openness, combined with its popularity, has lead a few of the developer faithful astray -- with malware being a legitimate concern for the mobile operating system. To help combat the issue, Xuxian Jiang, an NC State researcher, has created the Android Malware Genome Project, which was presented at the IEEE Symposium on Security this week.