Boeing to Launch Super Secure Android Phone, Hopes It Takes Off
You know what we've always wondered? Why doesn't Boeing just hurry up and release a phone? Joking aside, this is really happening. The news comes via National Defense Magazine which reports that the airplane manufacturer is developing an Android handset which will have strong security credentials. Currently dubbed "the Boeing phone" we hope the firm puts more thought into its aircraft than its project codenames.

Boeing phone

Sony SmartWatch Officially Coming to Canada, Release Date and Price Still Unknown
Sony’s awesome-looking SmartWatch was released in the United States today for $149.99. The device is a slick OLED-based Android watch that pairs with your phone to transmit information such as emails, incoming calls, Twitter, Facebook and more. We took a look at it during CES and it was one of our most-watched videos. We’ve received word from Sony Canada that the SmartWatch will become available in Canada and we should “stay tuned for timing and availability,” says our source.

Nokia CEO Calls Multi-Core Processors a Waste of Battery Life
Nokia CEO Stephen Elop reportedly stated that multi-core mobile processors are a waste of battery life in a recent interview with a Chinese newspaper. Yangcheng Evening News quotes Elop as having said, “the so-called dual-core, quad-core mobile phones can only waste batteries, but not be useful for consumers all the time.”

Google Accepting Android Apps from Devs in More Countries
Google today announced that developers in a small handful of new countries can now list and sell their applications in the Google Play Store. Developers in the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and Mexico can now add their apps to Google Play, sell them, and offer in-app goods/services. Developers in these new countries can sell their apps in the local currency in any country where the Google Play Store is supported and get reimbursed in their own currency.