Nokia 6300Fido customers will have first dibs of the sleek Nokia 6300. It's being promoted as the "Old Bar." The 6300 is not a regular non-slider candybar. It's pretty long at 106.4 x 43.6 x 13.1 mm. It is obvious that Nokia wanted this phone as sleek as possible. The casing is stainless steel.The keys instead of having bumps like most cellphone keys have holes in them.

No doubt, Nokia and Fido are thinking "popular" and "youth." This is Nokia's thinnest cellphone in Canada at 13.1mm thin. It has 2MP camera, an FM tuner and plays MP3. The 6300 has been announced November 2006 but Fido will be the first carrier to offer it in North America.

Selected specs of the Nokia 6300

- 2-inch 240x320-pixel (QVGA) screen with 16million color
Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
- 512 MB available internal memory, up to 2GB microSD cards
- Voice dialing, voice commands, and voice recording
- hands-free speaker