GV Mobile +After being pulled out and taking a long hiatus, the original Google Voice app for the iPhone, GV Mobile +, is now finally back in the App Store. For those not familiar with this particular app, GV Mobile + allows users the ability to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS on their iPhone through their Google Voice account. Users can also playback and delete voicemails, retrieve/delete recent call history, and enable/disable/add/delete phone numbers which Google Voice forwards calls to. GV Mobile + is retailing for $2.99.

The silver lining here is that, while it may already be listed in the Canadian Apple App Store, making calls is only available in the US. SMS works just fine (sending and receiving) as well as its other features, but sadly, making calls, which is probably its bread and butter, doesn't work in Canada "without an advanced setup." Hopefully though, this setback will be addressed in a future update, but still, the grand return of GV Mobile + to the App Store should be good enough news on its own. For more info or to download, just click here to be redirected to the App Store.