Samsung had a pretty decent showing in Q2 as they owned 19.2% of the market share in mobile phone sales, and based on what Telecoms Korea reports, it’s bound to get even better.


Their prediction for the company is that they will have continued growth throughout the remainder of 2009 and will end the year on a positive note owning 20.3% of the market. This will happen if they can hold true to the forecast of Strategy Analytics that they will ship 117.8 million phone in 2H of 2009, but with the likes of the Omnia 2 launching this month in 14 countries and other touchscreen goodies getting released very soon, we don’t see Samsung having any problems reaching this goal. If and when they accomplish this, this will be a new record for the company as this will only be the first time they’ve surpassed the 20% mark since they’ve entered the mobile phone biz. This probably won't have any significant effect on industry-leading Nokia, but will certainly help Samsung distance themselves even further from no. 3 LG.

With a wide collection of phones readily available to consumers and supporting a variety of mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian, and even the Android OS, Samsung’s future looks very bright, and there’s no doubt in our minds that they’ll be at the top of the charts one day.