With the Mobile World Congress fast approaching, rumors about what could be unveiled in the annual event are starting to surface. One such rumor is what Samsung could be showcasing: a 16GB Omnia, 12-megapixel phone, an 8-megapixel Innov8 successor, and an Android phone.

This leaked image is supposedly proof that a 16GB Omnia variant is indeed headed for MWC. Apart from the upgraded memory capacity, it more or less comes with the same design and feature-set as its current 8GB sibling. Little is known about the three other phones, but from what we hear, the 12-megapixel phone will come with Samsung’s own OS while the 8-megapixel successor to the Innov8 will have the S60 OS running under the hood.

As the case is with rumors, take this bit of info with a grain of salt, but for what its worth, it does look like an impressive line-up to watch out for when the MWC finally kicks off in a few weeks time.