apple media center iphone remote

So yes, as a phone, Internet device and MP3 the iPhone may very well fail but who says Steve Jobs couldn't find any other use for it. Just yesterday, it was reported that Apple has filed for a patent with the FCC for a cellphone that can be used as a remote control for its Mac products. Though the patent leaves room for other Bluetooth-enabled devices. All that is needed is an extra software on the remote-control device and the Mac.

Here's the exact language:

Once the software is installed, the mobile phone can be used to control popular programs such as iTunes media management program from Apple Computer, Inc. For example, in controlling iTunes media management program using this solution, the user can use the directional controls on the mobile phone to change listing volume, skip forward and backward, play/pause, etc.

Now, I know the iPhone's battery will go dead after only 40 minutes of use, but that is as a multimedia phone with that fabulous user interface and multi-touch screen. As a remote control device, a couple of AAA batteries would last half a year. Think about it.