So there were two competing conventions last week: MacWorld, where the iPhone was and CES where the rest were milling about like stranded refugees - you can't help but think that after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, the CES camp should try to regroup as soon as possible. I wasn't there in Las Vegas but I could sense the air of defeat from 12k miles away. Gizmodo's after-the-fact interview with some of the biggest players at CES is an affirmation of the contemporary dictum that the faster you go through the five stages of grief, the faster your recovery and the better chance you have of living up to the new challenge. Apple gave them all a nearly-fatal blow on January 9, but only three days later Motorola is already on stage four:

Motorola (bargaining stage): Apple still a business partner

Nokia(anger stage): Can't compare what you can't yet touch

LG (probably the slowest to recover): iPhone is not in the same league

Samsung (on the final stage): The more the merrier