HTC Athenax7500

The fact that you cannot fit the Athena X7500 in your pocket argues to this HTC device being an ultra-mobile PC instead of a pocket PC. Mobilewhack is pretty sure it's not a UMPC and it's definitely not a cell phone.

Apparently the pocket PC comes with a leather case with a special place for the keyboard. The QWERTY pad is said to be optional, and indeed the screen is also touch-sensitive and a stylus is included.

In inches the HTC Athena X7500 measures 5.24x3.8x0.78, which must be the largest pocket PC you'll ever see on anyone. On the other hand, you'll get 5 inches of VGA display with a TV-out. It's a quad-band UMTS/GSM/GPRS/EDGE with HSDPA. There's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Athena X7500 is priced at $1500 to $2000, which makes you look twice to see if this is really a Windows Mobile device and not an Apple.

So is it PPC or UMPC? The battery life might give you a clue: 300 hrs standby time, 8 hours for video-playing and 6 hours of talk... Oh yes, I almost forgot, you can actually use the X7500 to make and receive calls.