prada shoesAs if the Chocolate isn't enough to make fashion victims of us all, LG and Prada will put their designing heads together to create iconic fashion phones. I think the Chocolate should at least add bangles before one can call it iconic.

The first LG-Prada phone will have no keypad. The controls will be on the touch-screen. It's risky, much llike fashion. Touch-screen is a very sensitive and fragile piece of technology. Drop your LG-Prada phone and it's possible that you will never dial on it again. They plan to release the first model early 2007, which is not nearly enough time to develop a stronger touch screen.

According to Mr. Patrizio Bertelli, President & CEO of Prada, the phone will incorporate the Prada stamp without "branding an existing product; rather, Miuccia and I have been working with LG to give this new phone a very strong character and unique style, both in its contents and in its design."

The phone will probably have a huge screen.