It's Official: Microsoft Now Owns Nokia's Iconic Phone Business

As expected, Nokia announced today that they have completed the sale of their phone business to Microsoft. From now on, that business will be run as a division in Microsoft called the Devices Group.

The Lumia, Asha and X series phones are now all brands owned by Microsoft. Any new phones created by the group in the coming months will be branded Microsoft.

What Else You Need To Know

  • The two companies had originally hoped to close the deal earlier in the year, but had to push things out as they awaited various regulatory approvals across the globe.
  • As expected, the new unit has been named "Microsoft Mobile Oy," and will act as a subsidiary.
  • Microsoft says they will continue to "support" feature phones like the Asha and Nokia X family of devices.
  • Nokia has long been allied with Microsoft, committing fully to Windows Phone.
  • Nokia will retain two key operating units, Here maps and NSN network equipment, plus hundreds of patents.

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It’s a done deal, or kauppa tehty, as they say in Finland. - Ina Fried, Re/code  
The Nokia acquisition marks a big shift for Microsoft. The company has made some hardware for a long time, dating back to mice and keyboards, through the Xbox and, more recently, Surface. But those efforts will pale in comparison to being a global provider of cell phones. - Ina Fried, Re/code  
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Nokia Devices now a part of Microsoft; will be known as Microsoft Mobiles Oy