BlackBerry Messenger to Go Cross-Platform on June 27th

BlackBerry Messenger will be arriving on iOS and Android on June 27, T-Mobile UK revealed on Twitter. The initial features of BBM for the iPhone and Android devices will be limited to messaging and multi-person chats at launch, then updated later on with voice calling, screen sharing, BBM groups, and BBM channels. The app BlackBerry's popular messaging service will be available for free at iTunes and Google Play Store.

What Else You Need To Know

  • The app will be compatible on devices running Apple's iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich (OS 4.0) or higher.
  • BBM users send nearly twice as many messages per user head per day than any other mobile messaging application out there.
  • Going cross-platform may be risky strategy as BBM is currently one of the few key features exclusive to BlackBerry handsets.

Other sources

Not to say BBM isn’t a viable option, but there happens to be quite a few alternatives already available and in use. - Robert Nelson, Android Community  
It's worth noting that BlackBerry itself has yet to make any official announcements, though, so you may want to use a pencil rather than a pen when circling 6/27 on your calendar. - Alex Wagner , Phone Dog  
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