Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro?

They've both been recently made available in the UK.

I can get the Redmi note 6 pro 3/32gb for £140 or I can get the Mi A2 Lite 4/64gb for £144

But I can't decide which to get, from the reading I've done the Redmi note 6 pro is basically a slightly upgraded note 5 pro with a notch. Also for the reading I've done the the Snapdragon 636 in the note 6 pro is about 40%(?) faster then the 625 in the mi a2 lite, but I've never had a xiamoi phone before and the opinions seems to polarize on the MIUI some like it and others hate it.

Would the Mi A2 lite be the better phone if I like no bloatware ? Or does the performance difference between the 636 an 625 mean that the Redmi note 6 pro is just the better phone overall?

The last thing, with the Mi A2 lite been part of the Android One program is it more likely to be supported for a longer time?

Appreciate any help.

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