My phones memory has reduced to only 30% in just x4 months and it has hardly anything on it - ALL photos are on a memory card installed

Memory reduces at increments of 10% - but phone has little information inputted into it.

Normal safety precautions and cleaning are regularly done.

Only x8 photos and they are on a memory card inserted.

My phone is not a smart phone - it is a Swedish  "Doro 6520" flip phone.  The phone has many inbuilt design / operational faults - which should not have anything to do with it's price.  I presume that as it cannot support apps and many websites, that it is the last part you mentioned and / or a virus ?

Would like to know how to "clean" remove this, without having to give it to someone I cannot trust or send it away - Doro support very hard to find here in Australia, despite being supplied by second biggest Telco - Optus.

thanks Adrian 

Hi Adrian. Which phone are you using? If it's an Android phone, my best guess is it's from the apps leftover files and/or temporary files from browsing the web.

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