Why can't I see some saved contacts on WhatsApp and Viber on my Meizu?

I saved friends contact in my  m3s. when i using whatsapp, viber i can't see contact name on this app.  its only showing mobile number not contact names. i already allow all permissions in apps also i already sync on and refresh. but is can't fix. i sent message for this apps help centers, those are told me its not their problem, and told me contact manufactures.  can you help me to solve this problem? :)

  1. Make sure contact is using WhatsApp and/or Viber.
  2. Double check your contact, make sure the contact is saved. If it's a foreign phone number, use the full international format.
  3. Make sure you allowed WhatsApp and/or Viber access to your phone's contact. (Check out this video to know how to manager apps permissions)
  4. In your phone's contact app, make sure that all accounts/groups are set to visible or viewable.
  5. On WhatsApp, choose to show all contacts. Open WhatsApp > Press Menu button > Settings > Contacts > Show all contacts.
  6. On Viber, choose to show all contacts. Open Viber > Settings > General > Show all contacts. While you're there, tap Sync contacts as well.

Hope that helps!

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