Can I buy a phone from Sprint online website and add it to my plan?

I have a samsung s7 and i wanted to get an iphone 6s (I know it's a big jump but i really like that phone). I wanted to know if i could buy an iphone from like Amazon or ebay and just add it to my plan because i heard that you couldn't do it with sprint. So i wanted to know would sprint let me add a phone that i didnt buy from them

1. Sign in to My Sprint

2. Click on the Tell us about your device link
3. You will see the My device page.

4. Choose Yes, I want to see a new device.

  • This option will let you attach a device that does not belong to any account managed by your profile secondary validation
  • If the number does not pass initial validation, an error message is displayed. The device number should be corrected and then saved again.
  • Check your text message folder for the code sent by Sprint to validate that you have the device you are adding
  • Enter the code into the text box and click Save. If the code is entered incorrectly, the code can be resent by clicking on send it again.
  • Once the additional devices are added, they can be selected on the My device page by choosing Yes, I want to see another device from my account


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