How to increase internal storage and how to remove security warning on the ZTE Blade L3?

Hello Everyone,


Having lost my "simple" mobile phone, I was given a ZTE Blade L3 "smartphone." (I am not coping with it at all well!)


ZTE Blade L3

Android version: 5.0.2

Android Security patch level: 2016-01-01

Baseband Version:  MOLY.WRB.W1449.MD.WG.MP.VI.P21,

Kernel Version: 3.10.54

Build Number:  DIS_ES_B18DL_P182A20V1.0.4


It came with many apps already in it and after having help to download - Gmail, Yahoo, Notes, AVG Cleaner, Unit Converter and WhatsApp, there remained only 187MB out of a total of 2.13GB in the Internal Storage, which it seems is the mandatory location for any downloaded apps.


Being completely non-technical and also well past my sell-by date, I bought an SD card. I moved what apps that I was 'allowed' to move to the card and now there is 14.13GB available from a total of 14.83GB, hoping that I could use that - WRONG!!


I get the no available space notice and am not able to download anything any more.


I have a total phone storage that is 2.75GB with 2.47GB available.


1st Question - how can I either increase my Internal Storage to allow apps to be downloaded or how can I enable downloads to go to eirher my Phone Storage or my SD Card storage.


I would note here that the "Default Write Disk" options of Phone Sorage and SD Card, make no diference when clicking the circle which produces a "dot" inside the circle alongside the name, downloads do not go to the chosen disk.


My second problem is - I don't know if I am allowed to enter two questions, please advise me if I should make this into a separate question - is that if I open a letter from - for example, CNET - that has choices to click open an article, when I try to open the article my phone throws up a notice of -


"Security Warning - There are problems with the security certificate for this site." beneath are choices - "View Certificate" "Go Back" "Continue."


If I click "Continue" it repeatedly returns and blocks me from seeing the article.

How may I disable this from happening. For me, this is a trusted site which I have been going to for years on my pc.


If the answer(s) are technical, please write the details in simple words!!

Thank you.





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