How to transfer photos from the LG Revere to my personal computer?

Thank you!!

I got bitpim working just as you said. It's a little time comsuming because I didn't see any way to batch save but works great for a hack around!

Thanks again>>>>Dana

The LG Revere is NOT designed to work with USB, whether You use Bitpim or not. Tried it countless times and it never works. I worked for Verizon and they have went out of their way to block Media Transfer from This and other phones.

My security program said no to that BitPim link. Be careful.

I tried this and the program BitPim would not find this phone but it fount my phone by letting it search for other. After the pics were downloaded I could not open them until I saved the in my documents and then double clicked on the number that was assigned to that particular picture.
I even chatted with a representative of LG products and he said that you could not transfer the pictures to a computer. I guess you have proved him wrong.
Thank you so very much for your info.

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Hi Joe. The LG Revere was not designed to transfer media to your PC via a USB connection, but there is a way to do it. I found this technique for you to be able to transfer your photos to your computer.

Download and install BitPim, you can find it free yourself or click this link.

Plug your VN150 into your PC with the USB cable and make sure it is turned on.

Launch BitPim

In BitPim, go to the View in the top menu bar and click on View File System.

Go to the Edit drop down in the top menu bar and click on Settings
Change the phone type to LG-VX5500 and click Ok.

In the left screen click on Filesystem

In the middle screen click on +Folder
Then click on the +Synched folder
Then the my_pictures folder

Your picture files will be displayed in the right screen and you can right click on each one and save them to your PC.

Hope it works for you!

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