How can I get my LG K4 phone to open password protected files?

Password Protected Files won't open in File manager
I have found recently that I cannot open password protected document files in File Manager. I get a message on the screen - Docs File cannot be opened. There used not to be any problem. Has anyone had this problem and found some way to correct it?

Ahh is that so? Can you check the settings of the file manager? You may have set something there.

Thanks again, Carl P.

Up to a couple of weeks ago I could always open password-protected files in File Manager but suddenly it stopped working.  There surely must be some way to restore the app to original.

Sorry but my best guess here is that the file manager doesn't support files with password protection, probably the app can't detect/read the password of the file.

Hello Carl P.  Thanks for your response.

I have already installed Word, Thinkfree Office and WPS Office.   They all open password-protected files without any problem.  But in the past I have always just gone to File Manager and then opened those files directly from there.  That is, I presume, the main reason it is there .  All other files still open perfectly normally from File Manager, including PDFs, Pictures, etc.  It is only password-protected files that won't open.

Any other ideas?

Hi Bexbarcar. Have you tried installing other document reader apps?

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