Had a non-answer to "So how do you stop the Call Divert or turn it off?"

Had a non-answer to "So how do you stop the "Call Divert Set" or turn it off?"

First, there is NO service at AT&T - no one seems to know anything.  While going round after round w/ the supposed "tech support", I figured out the problem was that these morons had not activated the SIMM card in the new modem.  No mention of a SIMM in the manual or set-up instructions, much less that it had to be activated.  I guess users are just supposed to know these sorts of things.

So it took 5 HOURS to figure out what should have been a 15 minute call at most.  Actually, I should say it took ME 5 hours to figure this out.

Just gross incompetence at all levels.

To sum it up, AT&T apparently doesn't even have a "Complaints" dept.!  That should tell you all you need to know about these incompetents.

Good luck if you ever have to deal w/ them; you have my sympathy

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