How to cut SIM card to use with Doro 5030?

I've just bought a Doro 5030 for my wife as she struggles with her current phone and this has larger buttons etc etc.

I want to use the sim card from her current phone, the sim card is a standard size and I need to cut it down to micro size to fit.I don't have a problem with that, after 50 years as a carpenter I'm sure I can cut a sim card down.

My problem is knowing which way in it needs to go once cut, contacts down I already know. The sim card has a corner cut off already as usual, on her current phone this corner goes in last. The Doro 5030 shows the micro sim card going in with cut off corner inserted first.

Which way should it go, is there anyway to tell from looking at the contacts?


OK, I've done it now. I found an old sim card of mine and practised on that first before screwing up the wife's sim card.

You have to remember where the original trimmed corner was, (cos you cut that off when trimming) and that corner is inserted first, this is the opposite way around to what it was in the original phone.

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