Great phone, crummy service


I bought this phone two months ago. It is very nice as a phone - compact, light, with enough volume in the headset so I can hear it with the car top down (but not at 80 mph!). The keyboard is logical and lightly backlit. All the set up and control functions can be accessed at the press of a button.

It has lots of really nice features. The 1.8" screen is bright and colorful, with good resolution. It has a built in camera which takes fairly good pictures which you can use as your screen's background. You can also e-mail and upload the pictures if you pay for the service. The battery lasts forever. The phone has PCS web access. You can also download games and programs to make the phone more functional. It has a built in calculator. You can use it as a modem if you purchase a USB cable and software (which Sprint no longer provides). You can upload the pictures to Sprint's web cite and then e-mail them. The pictures you take or d/l can be displayed as four to a screen thumbnails.

So, what's the catch? "Sprint" charges for everything. And the contract is for two years. You can upload pictures, backgrounds, ringers and software from your computer -- if you buy for the cable and software, which Sprint no longer supplies, but I can't find software to d/l my pictures directly to the computer. (The cable and software can be purchased separately, but not together! There are three sets of software -- again each sold separately!) If you want access to your pictures, you have to upload them to Sprint's web cite, and then download. Sprint charges for this service. I bought a USB cable to try to use the phone as a modem. I used it for a very short period, and had my phone turned off the next day because I ran up a bill of $80.00. In some ways, it is kind of offensive. At least they reversed the charge because I had two months free trial! And trying to get through to customer service to get them to correct the problem is an impossibility.

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