Big screen, cool design and internet tethering


So, should you get the Nokia Lumia 900? We are torn between this and the Lumia 800 enjoying both phones as much as each other.

The Lumia 900 delivers a bigger screen, a front facing camera, faster surfing speeds, internet tethering, a much better battery, and a easier to charge device than the 800. However all those extras come at the cost of a much bigger device that won't be for everyone. Like the Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia S, and HTC One X, the Lumia 900 is a big phone and that is likely to put some off.

If you fancy the idea of a bigger screen this is the better of the two. It's more brash that the Lumia 800, but the experience is good. The screen's resolution is stretched to its limit at this size, but that's not enough to push it over the edge as in the Titan series from HTC.

We aren't going to witter on about the merits of Windows Phone 7 over and over again. You either like the OS or you don't.

Nokia has done the best it can to make the most of Windows Phone 7, for us making this a viable alternative to Android and the iPhone. The app scene is still lacking though. It is getting better, but if that's your main want, WP7 still won't deliver as much as the other two main platforms. For us, the success with WP7 is with contacts, the interactive tiles, and how easy everything is to use. The apps will come in time.

We like it, but we know many won't.

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