It serves no real purpose


There is no reason at all to buy the Defy Mini. Its spec is so underwhelming, that it just can't help but disappoint you. Considering the Defy+ is only another £30, if you really must ignore our advice and get one, you should get the one that is much less rubbish. Motorola has under-specified this phone in the worst way. Even scrolling around the home screens is a laboured, arduous and annoying process. The screen is too small really, although it's not dreadful quality, and that means those with larger fingers won't have an enjoyable time with it. It's also worth mentioning that with nano coatings becoming popular, and practical, it won't be long before every new phone in the world is waterproof. And Gorilla Glass makes them all pretty tough too. So really, the Defy goes from being a one-trick pony, to being a pony that's had all of its legs sawn off and whose days of trickery are, sadly, over.

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