This sideways slider is appealing and has a solid spec sheet, but one critical flaw throws a wrench into the works

The LG myTouch Q almost gets everything right. On paper, it has the right feature set to appeal to those looking for a mid-range smartphone, and it has decent enough looks to pull it off. Sadly, it falls short.

My only real complaint with the myTouch Q is the performance lag. The individual apps and services all work well in their own way, but the pervasively slow system performance wrecks everything. Every single app on the phone is gratingly slow to open, slow to respond, and freezes up too often for my tastes.

If you don't care about a phone that's sluggish, the myTouch Q makes good phone calls, has a good, useful keyboard, takes good pictures and video, and doesn't cost all that much. If you're like me, however, and want everything to happen instantly, you might be better served by a device that has a stronger performance record.

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