The Motorola BACKFLIP is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

For me, the Motorola BACKFLIP is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The good doctor, which represents the top half of the device, offers a good touchscreen experience and a nice user interface that is heavily focused on social networking and messaging. I love it. Mr. Hyde's temperamental keyboard design and oddball BACKTRACK directional controller, however, leave me totally underwhelmed.

If you are set on being an AT&T customer and want to get yourself some Android love, the BACKFLIP is certainly a solid choice. You'll get used to the keyboard with time, and will probably adapt to or disable the BACKTRACK. The rest of the device is mostly good, with the exception of some AT&T bloatware and draconian software restrictions. But if you are not tied to a particular network, there are 3 other carriers that all offer better Android smartphone choices. The BACKFLIP still gets a "Recommended" rating. Given freedom to choose, though, there are an easy half-dozen better Android phones available elsewhere - many of which are still made by Motorola.

You'll find a gallery of sample photos shot with the Motorola BACKFLIP's 5 megapixel camera on the following page.

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