I love this phone because it is a perfect non-smart, smart phone for a middle age person


This phone is worth every penny I paid for it. I bought it at retail - I wasn't up for upgrade until 8 more months. I text a lot and I needed a larger keyboard. I don't want my phone to be a PC, camera, GPS or anything else. However, it is nice to have those features if I need them but I don't want them all the time. I am not technically advanced at all so this phone is very easy to use. My nephews, nieces, cousins etc are always sending me texts and pictures so this phone is perfect. I also use the phone as my daily alarm clock. The battery lasts forever and I've not had any problems with the phone. I've had the phone over 90 days and am very happy with it. The camera isn't very good, but like I said before, I didn't buy it for a camera. :)

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