LG ECLIPSE C800G very disappointing!


We bought 2 LG ECLIPSE phones , for my husband and I, and a Samsung Galaxy for our daughter on Dec. 23,2011 and have regreted it ever since! We bought them through Bell Mobility with a Voice Share 25 plan for us to communicate with each other.We are not on the web or have any apps running and the battery life in the LG phones is dead by 5 or 6pm every day. I have replaced by battery in the first 2 weeks, then the whole phone exchanged a week after that, as well as my husbands phone battery. On jan.20th on my 3rd visit into the Bell office we were told they had no batteries left to exchange and they would have some in the following Tuesday, they would call me. This is 10 days no call. I called our Smart Phone Warranty they said it sounds like a malfunction, call Bell. Called Bell Mobility and after an hour on the phone I was told to go and exchange my phone and get a new one and then sell it! Then if I buy another phone from them they well give me a $50 credit. Who would want that? That sounds crazy! They said my husbands phone is passed the 30 days warranty to exchange where he only got battery replacement not a new phone! Unbelievable! What do I do???? I feel so scammed! and this is Bell, our TV , Home phone, Internet provider, cell phones at least $250/month and this is the best they can do for me? Tell a friend..and BEWARE!


A contributing factor to a low battery life is having things such as WiFi, Bluetooth and in the case of smartphones any applications that may be running in the backround without you knowing. One thing I have noticed with phones that arn´t pure google, is that the manufacturers love to promote themselves and often have apps that come with the phone and are constantly running the background (I can not tell you if this true or not with this particular phone). In the end this isn´t a huge issue, just a small inconvenience, you can check what aplications are running but being on the home screen, clicking the menu button (the one with the lines located at the bottom of your phone), clicking on settings, find aplications, and then just click on running services, from there you can selct any servie you think may not be required and simply hit "force close" (don´t worry, you can´t crash your phone by doing this, core processes can´t be accessed from here). This method should work between all androids as far as my knowledge goes. To sum this up, If you want good battery life, trim down your applications, turn off your WiFi, bluetooth, and data (which can also be accessed through: settings, Wireless and network settings, scroll down to mobile networks and uncheck "data enabled") Just for a fun fact to wrap things up about battery life, I currently have a nexus s and it has the exact same sized battery capacity as the LG Eclipse and I also at the begging had battery issues. The truth of the matter is that android phones are capable of sucking back the power, the trick is to learn to reign it in


I have the LG Eclypse C800G too. While I agree that the battery life does suck, it's a pretty good phone (considering I got mine prepaid). And have you even researched the phone? If you have, you would've seen that the battery does not last a while. So how can you be angry at Bell if you didn't see that fact? I agree that Bell can improve on their customer service, as can Virgin Mobile (the company that I'm with). While I had trouble starting up my phone too - I had to make various errands to the Virgin Mobile kiosk - it's worth it, especially at prepaid. But because it sounds like you got a plan with it... I would've gotten a much nicer phone that lasts longer while paying for nothing but the plan (rather than my prepaid account, where I paid about $200 and another $100 for the pay-by-the-minute charges). Didn't do your research, and doesn't look like Bell and you are seeing eye-to-eye. Sucks for you.


I am having the same problem, but it hasn't always been that way. I used to get nearly a week out of my battery, and now get 6hrs out of it. Tried replacing, with no luck. I have checked that I am not running any hidden apps and I do not use wifi. I hardly use the phone at all actually. Complete battery drain in 6 hours and only sent three text messages! I am on Virgin network and having huge issues with people not receiving my texts and I rarely receive pictures even though they are covered in my plan.


Have had a LG Eclypse C800G since March 2012. Purchased two from Bell. Big mistake. Should have gone with iPhone. Can't get ouf Bell contract without paying an arm and leg. What to do?


Have you tried conditioning your battery? Let it die completely, leave it off for a few hours, than charge it to 100%. Do this 2 or 3 times, and again every couple of months, and you should be able to optimize the life of your battery. I also agree with Jerry_89528, you need to watch your phone's overall usage with regards to Bluetooth, WiFi and apps. Don't leave them on if you don't need them, and you should see real improvement!

pissed off

my mother has a phone with bell it is a lg eclypse and it to is giving her troubles with the battery and it also is over heating she has ordered a new battery 6 months ago and yet still has not recived it from them what should she try to do

what a joke

Purchased one of these peices of Junk 2months ago....Battery lasts 4 hours...dont go on wifi and no applications. The Source gave us the run around...Virgin company did nothing....Never deal with these companies AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lg owner

I have had my LG eclypse c800g for almost a year now and have never had a problem with my battery. As with any cell phone battery, I let it die completely before the first charge, and I use wifi and apps every day and have never had to charge more than once a day. I can say for a fact that when I leave it by my bedside at night (not charging) that it uses between 2 and 3n% of the battery life sitting idle. With this phone, the very first thing you need to do though, is immediately go and uncheck the box that allows it to use data... then go back and delete all the apps that are running then add whatever you need. There is a weather app that is particularly stubborn. Also I don't have my gps activated unless I need it. That might be part of what's helping. Hate to see people not enjoying the phone because of something like that. Hopefully everyone is all fixed up by now. The Bell problems are not specifically the problem with the phone... an unfortunate interaction with salespersons which can spoilthings pretty quickly :(

This phone sucks

I baught this phone two months ago and it tell me it doesn't recognize the camera in it. Also every now and then the touch screen stops working but the buttons still work. I took the battery out of my phone and put it back in and the screen was fine and the camera was still the same. After emailing LG about it they had told me to do a factory reset on it so I went and did one. It was fine....... Until the next day! I got I touch with LG once again and they were advising me to take it to my local bell dealer and have them send it away for repair. I have read that people had sent theirs in and it came back and was no different. Has anyone else had these problems


... For me, it is my first intelligent phone and I am not disappointed - performs #1 in all tasks demanded, #1 phone, #2 wi-fi, #3 picture taking, #4 texting - great via attached physical keyboard. Simple to use - fragile - broke the screen twice - you , I know, my fault, dropped it :( but love it. Good easily pocketbook size. Good battery life. Even reading a books on it... and manipulating pictures... KEEP IT SIMPLE, LG!


I found this article REALLY helpful :) Link