Can not recommend at all, returned after 7 days.


The phone is poor quality over all, the display part that slides upward is not attached properly/stable and shakes with a small nudge (other people i talked to had the same problem).

The Qwerty keyboard is too cramped, although the rubber buttons give it good texture. However the biggest problems come with using the touch screen.

If you launch the youtube application it turns sideways, so you either have to use the touchscreen keyboard (which is of poor quality) or type on the physical keyboard with the screen sideways.

The resistive screen makes browsing websites difficult, it either does not respond or responds too strongly and scrolls all the way up or down. Also lack of some kind of physical directional buttons makes navigation difficult, as once again, you have to rely on the poor quality resistive screen.

Also the battery dies VERY quickly, i have to charge it every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, even when not using internet or anything else demanding.

On the pro side, it is an android phone, the web browser is true HTML and the phone has a 3.5 mm jack.

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