Warranty problems


I have had a C-3 for 6 weeks. The screen started going black and I returned it to the retailer( TheSource, Canada). He said to contact Pantech. They said they could not provide warranty because it was activated on the ROGERS network and they do not do Rogers phone warranties. After i contacted Rogers, I discover that they don't do warranty either. Now I have a useless phone that no one claims responsibility for warranty work. Last night Rogers told me their records show that this is a Grey market phone . the Source on-line were quite interested in this comment as they buy their phones directly from Rogers. My advice. AVOID PANTECH. AVOID ROGERS. The screen started turning black from the perimiter in one spot and I could watch it follow faults in the screen. I know I am not going to get any satisfaction from these corporations but maybe my experience will keep someone else from having the same problems.

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