Potential Not Fully Met - Its Better Then The MyTouch 3G Phone


I hope everyone reads my review with an open mind.

I am a former iPhone user, turned Blackberry, and now the G1. I have been drooling over the G1 for quite sometime. I think its internet, menu system, and qwerty keyboard make it a worthwhile investment. It's definitely for any cell phone crowd that's heavy into texting and emailing. I held off on buying a G1 because of the physical design. I found the bottom chin of the phone to be a massive turn off. Plus, everyone that I knew who had the G1 kept telling me how horrid the battery life was. From that comment, I figured out why they were always carrying their charger with them.

Here we are, almost a year later and the G2 has been released. Known as the HTC Magic in Europe and the MyTouch 3G here in the US on T-Mobile. I was so excited to get this phone & as soon as I got home & fiddled around with it - I immediately lost interest after 10 mins. I thought the integration with the Gmail address was great. I sent my Gmail address an email from my AOL account to see how long it would be before I received the email & needless to say, it took over 30 mins. Even when I went into the account and clicked REFRESH, it still wouldn't come through. I added in my AOL account & it was the same. You can set the phone to check for emails every five mins, ten mins, fifteen mins, and so forth. Certain emails took a whole day before I even received it. This was not a good sign.

So i exchanged it for the G1 so in order to have a real keyboard.

The camera is only 3.2 megapixel and it's not the best, but it does the trick. The camcorder is really lacking features. It's simple & there are no options or settings changes allowed. The battery leaves little to be desired.




Threaded Text Message

Responsive Touch Screen


This phone had massive potential, but a lot of it was not met!

No 3.5 MM headphone jack

E-Mail is not the best

Not the sexiest cell phone out there

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