Do not buy this phone!


I have had an original Casio GZ'one type V for the last 2 years - I dropped it the other day outside my truck and accidentally ran it over, (My old GZ'one is tough - it still powered up and still worked after being run over but the display was destroyed). When I went to buy a replacement I found out Verizon no longer has the original Casio GZ'one type V or type S available, so I ordered the new "Boulder" GZ'one from Verizon. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! Do not buy this phone! The new Boulder GZ'One is not an acceptable continuation of the excellent Casio GZ'One type V. This new phone is nothing more then a standard cell phone with partial rubber skin. It is too small, and the sound REALLY sucks. The original Casio GZ'one type V is the best and it is too bad it has been discontinued. I'm returning the "boulder" to Verizon and I'm going to find a used Gz'one type V, maybe two or three so I can have this phone for years (yes the old model is that good). THE new "Boulder" SUCKS! This does not even deserve 1 star but I had to give it at least that to post this review.

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