Cell Phones in School: Hysteria to the Left, Hysteria to the Right

Branden S 13 years ago

The good news is, teenagers already know adults are dumb, and adults in authority dumber, so the latest spat of anguished handwringing over postpubescent youth and their disturbingly intimate relationships with wireless devices should hardly sink the already subterranean reputations of PTAs nationwide.

Back when cellular phones and pagers first started appearing on teenaged hips, administrators reacted the way they always do when kids do something adults don't understand: They declared the new technology evil, ludicrously demonized it in a way sure to make students roll their eyes -- "whatever" -- and banned it...Read More

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  • Elicia Fooeik 9 years ago

    I think that cell phones should be allowed in school because of the fact that that is why we have them in case of emergencys.

  • Morgan_56687 9 years ago

    I do not think that cell phones should be allowed in school because there is no one you could need to call during class. And if there is an emergency there are phones in the school, like in the teachers room,or in the principal's office which you have access to.

  • Jon_11566 9 years ago

    cell phones should b allowed in school because i SAID SO .

  • Erica_4205 9 years ago

    I definitely think cell phones should be allowed in school. Who carries money with them to use a pay phone? Why can't we sit and chat during lunch? Whats the big deal? I understand the during class thing and thats perfectly fine, yes you should get in trouble for using them during a class, but in between, or during lunch?? they should definitely be allowed.

  • Charity 9 years ago

    I believe cell phones belong in school. Students shouldn't use them in class but should be able to use them between classes & at lunch. Teachers don't usually allow you time to go to the office & call someone.

  • Ashli Holloway 9 years ago

    i think that cell phones should be allow in school because in case of emergencys what shall we do? and what if the pay phones