Cell Phones in School: Hysteria to the Left, Hysteria to the Right

Branden S 15 years ago

The good news is, teenagers already know adults are dumb, and adults in authority dumber, so the latest spat of anguished handwringing over postpubescent youth and their disturbingly intimate relationships with wireless devices should hardly sink the already subterranean reputations of PTAs nationwide.

Back when cellular phones and pagers first started appearing on teenaged hips, administrators reacted the way they always do when kids do something adults don't understand: They declared the new technology evil, ludicrously demonized it in a way sure to make students roll their eyes -- "whatever" -- and banned it...Read More

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  • Elicia Fooeik 11 years ago

    I think that cell phones should be allowed in school because of the fact that that is why we have them in case of emergencys.

  • Morgan_56687 11 years ago

    I do not think that cell phones should be allowed in school because there is no one you could need to call during class. And if there is an emergency there are phones in the school, like in the teachers room,or in the principal's office which you have access to.

  • Jon_11566 11 years ago

    cell phones should b allowed in school because i SAID SO .

  • Erica_4205 11 years ago

    I definitely think cell phones should be allowed in school. Who carries money with them to use a pay phone? Why can't we sit and chat during lunch? Whats the big deal? I understand the during class thing and thats perfectly fine, yes you should get in trouble for using them during a class, but in between, or during lunch?? they should definitely be allowed.

  • Charity 11 years ago

    I believe cell phones belong in school. Students shouldn't use them in class but should be able to use them between classes & at lunch. Teachers don't usually allow you time to go to the office & call someone.

  • Ashli Holloway 11 years ago

    i think that cell phones should be allow in school because in case of emergencys what shall we do? and what if the pay phones are broke or what if we are broke?

  • Jarrod 11 years ago

    I think sell Phones should be alowd in school Cuz People say they are a distraction but we could always put it on silent mode. And who said we were gonna use them in class i mean come on now.

  • nessa 10 years ago


  • Danielle_6272 10 years ago

    I think cell phones should be allowed we dont want another shooting in school.

  • Delyzia 10 years ago

    i think yes cell phones should be allowed because at school, cell phones are not only useful during a crisis but also when things don't go as planned - like when your after-school activity gets cancelled or transportation arrangements fall through. I don't think that they should remain on during classes or meetings. and durring class they should be off or on silent!

  • Delyzia 10 years ago

    if there is an emergency there are phones in the school, like in the teacher’s room, or in the principal’s office which you have access to. and now, technology is really advanced and now you can take pics. so a student can take a pic of a test and text it to a friend. also they could be playing games durring class and cause a distraction

  • Brittany_69189 10 years ago

    yo...there shuld be cells in schools....yew kno why? bc what if there is a emergency...such as death in tha family and yewr parents need to get in touch with yew...or yew miss tha bus...or if there is a shooting or bomb....yew can help out by callin police...or after school plans get changed...need transportation home or something...or if tha bus gets in wreck yew can tell yewr parents its ok..but yeah keep them turned off or on silent at least...

  • Mercedes Beltran 10 years ago

    i think that we should beable to have cell phones at school so that we will know who we are going out to lunch with and so that we will know who we are going home with and as long as we are getting an education and actually learning something i dont see the problem!!

  • Sara_93736 10 years ago

    If anyone is interested I'm from Australia and I'm in primary school I think in America it's called Elementary school but anyway I'm doin a debate on should mobile (cell) phones be allowed at school. My team are saying yes but we only have the points 2 say that they can be used in an emergency and they have the internet so we can use them if the web isn't working. Could anyone say why else we should have em???? Please help Aussie girl

  • sami_29900 10 years ago

    i think that we should beable to have cell phones at school. incase of emergencies. also for after school purposes. in middle school we werent allowed to have cell phones during school. but we did ne way. high school changed so that we are allowed to have them but they have to be off and away, they arnt off or away lol. we definitely should have cell phones at school.

  • mss-e 10 years ago

    i think its a good for students to hav cell phones in school coz everyone can use it.......

  • Whirlwind 10 years ago

    You guys are stupid. who are you gonna call between classes? You have like five minutes, and you either have to be late, arrive without all your materials, or have a really short conversation. As for during lunch, whiy don't youi find the peron and talk face to face? If you can't, they're probably in class anyway, and you'll just get them into trouble. I don't mind use for important reasons, but why don't you just use a teacher's phone? Most of my teachers don't mind if I have a decent reason. Most of you are porbably spoiled rich kids who just don't like being told what to do.

  • stacia 10 years ago

    cell phones should be aloud at school because they are kool!!!i mean u can't just always run down to the office and use the phone they ask why what if it is personal? so ya there is no reason top have them in class but like between classes, during lunch, and during study halls it should be o.k.!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia_5830 10 years ago

    yea cell phones should be allowed in school cause talking on da phone if fun and if there was 2 b an emergency then students wont have to call from a teacher's phone. And what if all the teachers were dead in a katastophe, would you touch a dead body for a cell phone?

  • whirlwind_30488 10 years ago

    Its me again. Did you know that in emergencies, cell phone usage can shut down the whole network if all the students use it at once? THat is bad, wouldn't you agree? THen the emergency workers can't use them. THey also have a risk of setting off bombs that are rigged to go off when they are called. they aren't really helpful in emergencies, as everyone already knows what is going on. Again, you guys are stoopid.

  • Kyle_4293 9 years ago

    okay, i see too many reasons NOT to have cellphones in schools, i used to think we should, but not now. I am in a speech class and we are doing debates, my group is against cell phone usage in schools. first of all, to many studients using the cell phones during an emergency can jam up phone lines, and when you cal your parents to come and pick you up during an emergency, too many parents trying to get to children will block roads for emergency vehicles to go and SAVE the children. text messagin could communicate test answers...a.k.a cheating. games have noises...kind of annoying when your trying to concentrate on your work not some "beep beep boop bop". then when you put it on vibrate, you can here it buzing, silent mode doesn't do jack except quiet it. and you would have no time to talk on the phone anyway. five minutes in between, during lunch you can just sit next to them and talk, and during class would be kind of hard when your talking on the phone and trying o hide it from your teacher at the same time. and plus, is it really worth getting it taken away when you can just wait until the end of school to talk to your friends? and if you DO bring a cell to school, hide it in your locker or something instead of trying to hide it in class, that way if it rings during class you wont have it or get in trouble. and turn it off, dont be stupid. speaking of stupid, Whirlwind if your going to call someone stupid, try learning how to spell it yourself.

  • Kyle_4293 9 years ago

    i forgot something else, camera phones. you can bring them in lockers and BREAK THE LAW. its called invasion of privacy. taking pictures of naked people, pornography, and things of such DURING SCHOOL, kind of stupid when your not even supposed to have a cell phone. you could also go to jail and be fined for such actions. I'm in eighth grade, most of you are older than me, so stop being so ignorant about this matter.

  • DK_25140 9 years ago

    I feel that we should be allowed to have phones at school but if they go off then they should be confiscated and not given back until parent conference. because there is the chance of a accident or emergency and i may need to leave immediately but other than that cell phones should be off at all times and if there off then they can't be a disturbance.

  • cell boy 9 years ago

    cell phones is needed in school. how can you meet your girlfriend with out the use of cell phones to communicate. or to use in emergency.

  • Aimee_54680 9 years ago

    i dont think that cell phones should be allowed in school period!i don't think so because they cause many disruptions. In my school of Aberdeen High, even though im in 9th grade cell phones have been used way too much. we always have disruptions of kids beeping their cell phones and it annoys me so much..

  • Antonya 9 years ago

    students should be allowed to have cell phone be have on silent or vibrate,and not allowed to use in class.But when its over and on there own time and should be takin away over somin dumb.

  • chica 9 years ago

    cell phones should be allowed in school but on scilent and texting only in free time in class and talking at lunch time that would work out great!!!! love me call me 5257889!!


    I am a parent of two teenagers in High School. Neither of them have or have had a cell phone. I can get ahold of them anytime I need by calling the school office counselor/nurse/teacher/whatever, and can get a fairly quick response. The students that left comments FOR Cell Phones used during school hours evidently have had them on durning ENGLISH CLASS. The Aussie girl who was in Primary School. (Or Grade School (1-6)) could spell much better than MOST OF YOU! If I were your English/Speech teacher, OR parent, I'd take your cell phones away and use the money for a DICTIONARY, and a year of "Hooked on Phonics", or the Sylvan learning center.


    See, this is why we DONT need cell phones. It promotes horrid spelling so you can send messages faster. We don't need anymore people raping the English Language. I agree that cell-phones could be used for an emergency, but the school classrooms DO have their own phones. Besides, calling and text messaging costs money, and if we know a lot of today's teens, they wont bother listening to their parents and teachers, but instead will waste valuable time TXTNG THAR FRINZ BOUT STOOPID STUF, or downloading stupid and HIGHLY ANNOYING ringtones, and therefore disrupting those who WANT to get an education and go to college. As many have said earlier, there are many downsides of Cell Phones, even in emergencies, where the signal would be blocked, or traffic could be blocked up because Daddy's precious little angels couldn't stop crying about it over the phone when the situation was already being handled by officials. Also, Cell Phones could be used in destructive ways as well. Perhaps taking pictures of girls/guys in Locker Rooms while they're undressing as blackmail, or sending bomb threats to the schools via Cell Phone, which makes it much harder to track the culprits, and therefore scaring everyone for no good reason. If parents want to disrupt their child's learning SO MUCH, SO BADLY, they can call the school, and ask the office to call their child to it, so they may speak, if it is even an emergency in the first place. If not, then they can WAIT until the end of school. There are more constructive things you could use for the large amounts of money needed for a cell phone and service. Perhaps saving up for the college you might want to go to? Or maybe supplies for a large project? Or something else, like video games or CD's or a CAR, so you can get around. Really, Cell Phones aren't all that useful. Out of school, I can understand. But in school, you have like 50 phones in a single building, so there is no need. To end this horrendously long post, you dont need cell phones (in school), and spellcheck your posts before you enter them. It doesn't make you look very "INTURLEGENT" when you're responding to a serious debate and you cant spell the simplest words, like YOUR (Mr. "YEWR") and YOU (YEW). I know that you dont have to have PERFECT grammar, but COME ON PEOPLE. It's not THAT hard to type correctly. Thank you. (And thanks to the people who took time to look over their posts to check for major errors. See? Thats EFFORT, people!)

  • Rosa Tha Gangsta 9 years ago


  • Richard_53687 9 years ago

    This is the wost rule ever you hear me devil teachers this Stincks with a captial s you stuiped jarbrones

  • taylor_61998 9 years ago


  • friggn 9 years ago

    People who have cell phones have sex

  • Casey Clymore Rocks 9 years ago

    Yes cell phones should be allowed because in case of an emergency or if you miss the bus or after school activities are cancled.

  • MLA 8 years ago

    ok first of all...not every room in the school has a phone! and the teachers get all personal when it comes to WHY they need to use the phone! And besides, what if the school doesn't have long distance? huh? what are you going to do then! and to whirlwind, you're making up stupid excuses! yes i have a phone, but i pay for it myself, so im NO WHERE NEAR being a spoiled rich girl! And to the parent, hooked on phonics is ridiculous! NO ONE uses it anymore! and i wouldn't want to be your child! Because no kid wants an overcontrolling parent! i have controlling parents! SO LAY OFF! And by the way i have great spelling, but you also have no right as a parent to criticize a teenagers spelling, have you got no life!? Students use it to type faster and its the ''thing'' now so get over it! well i think i have my point! buhbye!

  • Noel_96043 8 years ago


  • shana 8 years ago

    i love my cell phone and i know why everyone loves them

  • Nikki_9900 8 years ago

    Cell phones should be allowed in school because its the quickest way for a parent to contact their student when they're at school.

  • fRaNkO 8 years ago

    Cell phones can be distracting and should not be used during classes at lunch or betwen classes they should be used for emergencies and personal calls only they should be takeawy from people who can't spell but tey can be useful

  • fRaNkO 8 years ago

    i spelled one thing wrong my keyboard sticks i'm sorry

  • Josi 8 years ago

    I think cellphones should be allowed in school.Teens should be privileged just like staff members to use them.They are a necessity to everyone who has one.Who don't u jus missin' out.THEY DESERVE TO BE USED IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Babi Gurl 8 years ago

    For the record, i think that cell phones should be in school only they should be turned off. and to the parent, we can spell but we use short hand for texting cause its easy and its in right now. so back off and mind ur own buisness.

  • Brenda_31573 8 years ago

    okay. i think cell phones should be allowed at school. they shouldnt be left in your lockers either. but while they are with you they should be turned off and be kept in your backpack or pocket and shouldnt be touched during class and espeacially in class it shouldnt be touched. honestly, kids have been taking advantage of the fact that you can bring cellphones to school, and if we dont use them at the right times, then im sorry to say but they will probably be banned everywhere in the future. thats what i think :)

  • Maggie_30684 8 years ago

    I think cell phones should be allowed in school... One reason is because what if there was a fire, or tornadoe, or your teacher got injured and you did not have time to go to the front office... So, YES!! they should be allowed... Heck, my teachers check their cell phones all the time in class.

  • boosies_babi 8 years ago

    cell phones rock totally DUDE

  • Mr Walk it Out 8 years ago

    Now look I can spell so I'm about to break it down cell phones should be allowed in school for these exact reason we live in a world that has so many dangers for example terrorism, school shooting, fires, tornadoes you just never know what could happen. The students should be able to have an exact line to their parents with a cell phone now maybe they don't need to be on during class but during lunch, or in case of an emergency they are good communication tools and to get a phonecall in my school you can't use the teacher's phones it don't work that way. Anyways students find ways to use their phones in school anyway. I don't think the cell phone policies should be demolished I just think it needs to be edited and more specific. and as For a Teen who can Spell you are probably just a kid who is mad cause you can't have a cell phone and I ain't rich.

  • Paige_18548 8 years ago

    Yea i think phones should be allowed cause all of my teachers have them and there always goin off so they disrupt school so what would be the difference if we did. at least ours are off and my teachers tlk for about 10 minutes right in the middle of class so w.e yea they should be aloud cause it aint fair to us. well yea ;) i Love My Phone 2.

  • Casey_74562 7 years ago

    I think that cell phones should be in school. Because in my school teachers hardly ever let you call home on the school phone, EVEN if the lady on the intercom says " Foot ball in canceled today, let the Athletes call home if they need to." Most of them say no and I have to get up leave the class room go to the bathroom and call my mom so I have a ride home. And during a lock down,if someone was in the school who didnt belong there. you cant just get up and use the phone in the classroom, There is usually a window in the door so if the person in the school was a killer He'd get you. One of these people said they make their children use Hooked on Phonics instead of a phone . Your probably a HoBo have a nice day. (the lady who said that)

  • ME_44070 7 years ago

    I agree totally with "A TEEN WHO CAN SPELL" Cellphones can be used as emergency, but the reason is most teenagers take advantage of the fact that they can bring cellphones to school ( for emergencies only!!!!!!!!!!!!) just to misuse the purpose?take advantage of it.

  • cool kid 7 years ago

    I disagree with kyle. Here are my reasons first: Kyle you're a douche you probably have never had a girlfriend and you're favorite time of year is a history channel marathon. second why do you even care if other people fail it does do anything to you. Third you need to live a little disobey the rules ask some chick out get your head out of a popular science magazine. Kyle you're still a douche. That will be all

  • jfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj 7 years ago

    Cell phones should be allowed because teachers spend to much time trying to stop them.

  • semore butts 7 years ago

    i agree

  • Kyle_4293 7 years ago

    I put a comment up here before in response to "Cool Kid," however, it was apparently too profane to be posted on here or something. So, here is the clean version: I don't know you, you don't know me. It's surprising how you get me "never having a girlfriend" and that I need to "break the law." Reality bites, kid. There's no reason to have cell phones in school. I don't really give a rats ass if you think I'm a douche, becuase, by calling me a douche, you are in fact making yourself look like a douche. Once again, I don't know you, and I don't want to know you. You also don't know me, so don't base your bull on one paragraph of my opinion. You have no reason to call me a douche and attempt to write my life story. In other words, go f@^k yourself.

  • Superphrog 7 years ago

    I think you should all stop arguing about it on the internet and do something about it in real life and for you that say too many calls crash the network ur wrong it takes millions of calls at once ina a small space to crash a cell network.

  • coool awsome dude 7 years ago

    we should have cell phones in school because i said so

  • Obama 7 years ago

    I like cheese, and such phones are usefull for achieving cheese, also I like drugs and females, and phones are usefull foer aquiring these too. WIN

  • poop_15612 7 years ago

    cell phones should

  • Autumn_93527 7 years ago

    no because cell phones can be used to make drug deals in school and to cheat on tests

  • tash_37631 6 years ago

    the issue regarding the usage of cellphones at school is a no no nnnnnnnnnooooooooo issue it nuh fi use a skool a me seh dat

  • caroline_46881 6 years ago

    I totally agree with those of you who said that cell phones should not be allowed in school think of the boys they are taking advantage of the internet, most of their time is spent watching pornography AND for the rest of you are all too spoil and do whatever u want THINK OF YOUR FUTURE FOR A MINUTE, HOW GOOD YOU COULD SPEND THESE TIME THAT U WASTED ON YOUR CELL.

  • Peter_72480 6 years ago

    Cell Phones should be allowed because of 2 reasons; 1. If there was an emergency, such as a fire, you would have to evacuate the building and no-one would have access to the school phones because they were probably burned to hell in the fire. Than how would you contact your parents? also, if you turn your phone off, people can not track where you are, so if something happens, like you get kidnapped, your parents or the autorites will not know where you are. 2. If you get for phone confinscated, Teachers might say your parents have to come in and pick it up. What is your parents dont have time, or are unavalible? It's not there property. Screw them. And an additional thing, Than they should be used, but turn them on vibrate. If a teacher touches my phone, I tell them to go fuck themselves. I dont want fat-ass teacher germs on my phone.

  • bob_62829 6 years ago

    yes i want cell phone at school becuaes i need not to have it at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God_49723 6 years ago


  • DP 6 years ago

    What's all the wailing and crying about emergencies? It's manipulative kids freaking their parents out about what could possibly happen to their precious little ones, so they get to keep the phones. Brilliant. It wasn't that long ago that I went to high school and we didn't have cell phones and do you know how many people I remember that suffered a horrible and twisted fate in an 'emergency' because they didn't have a phone? Zero. Not one. Admit it, the real reason is because you want to be distracted. If all a cell did was provide an electronic leash to your parents you'd throw it into the ditch. So we're cashing in on post-terrorist hyper-security hysteria and turning classrooms into an e-Zoo. Hope someone is there to hold your hand when you get fired from a job in your early twenties cause you couldn't stop texting.

  • alice_63357 6 years ago

    i do think cell phones should be allowed and hear are some reasons emergencies kidnappers and important stuff lol and im writing an essay now and these r want im doin on ok bye lol good luck

  • Jody_27556 6 years ago

    I was so depressed reading all of these postings that I had to comment. Cell phones should be banned for one reason. The spelling level of these kids. I am blown away. In 20 years are our future CEO's of huge multi-national corporations going to be sending out memo's that say; "Yo dawgs, they b a mtg in the cnfr rm dwn the hall. C u there. LOL" The saving grace for me and the hope for our future came from "A teen that can spell". Thank you A tenn.... Maybe there is some hope for this generation. I just wish there were more like you.

  • devon_7912 5 years ago

    yah they should be allowed in school because if a fire starts in the school, the phone in the is on fire and your surrounded but NO yer ceel phone is in yer locker cause YER TEACHER MADE YOU PUT IT IN YER FRICKIN LOCKER so what will you do now

  • devon_7912 5 years ago

    sory for the bad spelling

  • alec 5 years ago

    I think cell phones should be allowd in shcool in case of an emergency. Since im a teacher im against my schools banning of cell phones.

  • das 4 years ago

    whilrwind stop spamming :)

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