Samsung F266 now available on Fido for $25

Allan Reyes 7 years ago

True to the leaked Fido lineup, the Samsung F266 slider is now available on the discount carrier for $25 on a 2-yr contract. The Samsung F266 features a 2.1-inch display, 2-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, Bluetooth with A2DP, 37MB internal memory and support of up to 8GB external memory. Opting to buy it from Fido contract-free will cost you $150.

It may not be the latest phone from Samsung, but at $25, it’s still a pretty decent buy. If Samsung isn't your cup of tea, then just wait for next month when Fido is also expected to release both the Sony Ericsson T303 and LGE TE365, priced at just $10 and $50 respectively on a 2-yr contract.


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  • Maria_24235 6 years ago

    This product is absolutely horrendous. For cell phone users looking to upgrade their phones, this is not it. Many current owners of this phone have been experiencing difficulty, especially in the media department. Also, for those who like to use their own MP3s as their ringtone, stop, and back away from this phone. It will only allow DRM files to be used as a ringtone. A flaw in itself right there. DRM files are basically protected MP3s, which only disables the MP3 from even being played on your F266. That means the only possible way for you to get a new ringtone was for you to download it straight from Fido. I have attempted to use the Sony Ericcson DRM Packager to add .DRM, which turns out to be a .dm extension instead. I am also a Mac user and can connect with my phone via Bluetooth, which has been greatly implemented in this phone - possibly the only good thing we can give this phone credit for - but if you try to send a .DRM via Bluetooth or any other way possible, it still won't give you the ringtone that'll make that product personally yours. Other reviewers see that Fido has done one thing with this phone, and that's "butchering" it. I bought this phone for $45 with a $20 plan for 50 minutes and 50 text messages, and free evenings and weekends. Add another $5 and you'll get unlimited text messaging. But it still frustrates me as to how I cannot properly use this phone, or the programs that come with it, as I am a Mac user. Completely futile. The truth is, it seems like a great phone that people want to buy, but no carrier wants to sell it, except Fido that recommended it to my family when we were upgrading and changing phone companies. Back away and look at some other phone. It's a piece of junk.

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