Blackberry 8820, Welcome to Rogers

Trish Clark 7 years ago

Fast and furious announcements from Rogers these days. We've got iPhones, Centros, whispers of the BlackBerry Bold and now their latest launch - the Blackberry 8820 complete with Home Zone Calling.

rogers 8820 blackberry

On the surface, the 8820 looks a lot like the 8800. But...looks can be deceiving young Skywalker. The 8820 sports Wifi and GPS, an addition that very much works in the 8820's favor. And now for your specs:

- GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- EDGE (sorry, no HSDPA)
- 114 x 66 x 14 mm, 134g
- Trackball navigation
- Qwerty keyboard
- 65K color, 320x240 pixel display
- Bluetooth v2.0 64mb Memory internal microsd external
- Mini usb data
- Blackberry email client, Yahoo messenger
- MP3 player, stereo headset jack with echo cancellation
- Stand-by time 520 hours, talk time 5 hours

The BlackBerry 8820 is lacking one thing...a camera. That's almost unheard of in most phones today but not so strange for BlackBerry who often leaves that feature out in an effort to please its corporate buyers. The WiFi should more than make up for it though!

The 8820 will be available June 18th and the pricing will go as so:

1yr $549
2yr $499
3yr $449
3yr $349 (special promo price)

Of course...if you're in the US, you've been able to score the 8820 on AT&T for almost a year now.

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  • BlackBerry Cool Fan 7 years ago

    I have been using a unlocked Blackberry 8820 from AT&T on the Rogers Wireless Network for several months now. I currently have 4mb of data with Rogers in my plan and thanks to the the WiFi built in to the 8820 my data has been reduced to 1.2 MB on a given month down from 3.8 MB! In total I'm probably downloading well over 15 MB of data per month. It would be nice to see this phone linked into the new Rogers UMA Home Calling Zone but I doubt they would allow anyone to do it without a 3 year contract and a "official" Rogers 8820...

  • Goofy 5 years ago

    i just bought a blackberry 8820 rogers is my provider ( Canada ) I cannot figure out how to use the wifi.. I have wifi at home and i have connected to it.. but when i go to the browser ( the globes ) i can't to use them, I dont have a data plan and i dont want one, what am i doing wrong?? Please help! also rogers doesn't know that I have a blackberry i bought it from a friend and just put in my sim card, I can make phone calls, and send and recieve texts so its working.. its just the wifi i can't seem to understand.

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