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Virgin Mobile Canada plan

$10 Commitment-Free Data

  • $10.00 per month
Virgin Mobile Canada plan

$10 Monthly Prepaid

  • $10.00 per month
Virgin Mobile Canada plan

$100 BlackBerry

  • $100.00 per month
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About Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada provides cell phone service to a customer base of a few hundred thousand Canadians by offering prepaid mobile service that operates on the Bell Mobility network. They are a part of the Virgin Group, which is a larger collection of companies operating around the world involved in everything from airplanes to soft drinks and music. Virgin Mobile Canada proudly boasts that they have won the J. D. Powers & Associates "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Wireless Service" for two years in a row. They claim to be a mobile phone company with a fresh new take and they plan to shake things up giving Canadian consumers a better and simpler mobile service.

Voice network: CDMA 800/1900 MHz, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, HSPA+, LTE

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
720 King Street West, Suite 905, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3

888-999-2321 (or 611 from your cell)
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Reviews (3/10 Avg. rating)

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How to get more out of your dollar.

(3 days ago)

I make a regular payment of $35.00 and after about 2 years i have accumulated a credit of more than $130.00. But it is a flip phone. This more than paid for my new Ipad. Who needs a smart phone?


Bad Customer Service Even to Potential New Customer

(5 days ago)

I called Virgin to see about switching my mobile phone services to one of their plans. The customer representative was very unprofessional. Not very knowledgeable about products (different plans) or simply not willing to talk. To my every question, he was sighing, answering very shortly, almost rudely.... More


Pay Per use on select Sliver and Gold plans are affordable. Really fast LTE speeds as well.

(10 days ago)


They will not stop marketing calls

(21 days ago)

In spite of having all the right "settings", Virgin still calls me on my cell to market products, using their inane "cutesy" language. I absolutely hate the lack of respect they have for their customers. I am pursuing a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner, and Virgin STILL keeps... More



(24 days ago)

Virgin wants ur money without letting u know. They tell me 1 day after I activated my account they charge me activation fee when they said it was waived tje day before


Horrible service and attitudes

(25 days ago)

This company has proceeded to charge a terminated account of mine 18 months after closing it without informing me of anything and then proceeded to send the debt to collectors. They are claiming that they were sending me cheques which they shouldn`t have been doing and are now trying to get their money... More


Highly Unreliable Service. Avoid.

(25 days ago)

Flawed internal business processes allow Virgin Mobile Canada to disable your SIM card (in error) without warning, leaving you stranded without any ability to connect with customer care through your phone. An example of where Virgin's priorities lie when it comes to client care. No accountability... More


Lose your phone pay 1000

(28 days ago)

i lost my phone at a concert reported it stolen and told i wouldn't be charged for anything since i reported it immediately and i come home to receive a bill totalling $1000 ! ? um no thanks but you guys can shove it.


Check your Pay-As-You-Go bill carefully!

(30 days ago)

I bought a blackberry and put down $100 on a pay-as-you-go plan. A couple of weeks later I decided to add a $15 a month data plan. When I called support to activate it, I was told that I didn't purchase a data plan, but a $15 top-up for my account. The balance was $43 and now $58 with the top up.... More


Possibly the worst in canada

(about 1 month ago)

They have switched the rules of their memberships. I am not a perfect person who pays bills on time, but in the past with their credit limit it has helped that I can go up to 200 dollars and not lose service. As of January 2014 they have changed their rules that it is now if you don't pay your bill... More


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