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About Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada provides cell phone service to a customer base of a few hundred thousand Canadians by offering prepaid mobile service that operates on the Bell Mobility network. They are a part of the Virgin Group, which is a larger collection of companies operating around the world involved in everything from airplanes to soft drinks and music. Virgin Mobile Canada proudly boasts that they have won the J. D. Powers & Associates "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Wireless Service" for two years in a row. They claim to be a mobile phone company with a fresh new take and they plan to shake things up giving Canadian consumers a better and simpler mobile service.

Voice network: CDMA 800/1900 MHz, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, HSPA+, LTE

Virgin Mobile Canada Customer Service

Mailing Address:
720 King Street West, Suite 905, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3

888-999-2321 (or 611 from your cell)
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Reviews (3/10 Avg. rating)

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No Frills

(4 days ago)

It's pay as you go and they don't hassle me with a bunch of ads or attempts to upsell.


Worst communications company ever

(8 days ago)

They have a problem handling sensitive information such as names even after spelling letter by letter and re-verifying twice... They charged me twice the bill for a phone I never received... after receiving it and working with it for 2 weeks and then they cancelled my account cause they wanted m... More


Best customer service and best network

(10 days ago)


The faster you can leave the better

(17 days ago)

After 8 years with Virgin I am very happy to leave. They made a very serous error that left me stranded without a phone for hours waiting for a very important call . Service unprofessional rude and that was the ''supervisor''......... The worst. Run away from them as if you life depend on it, becaus... More


Fake cancellation without notification for reactivation. Sheer Robbery.

(18 days ago)

After signing up a post-paid number with the Virgin mobile, my Service only worked for two days. My friends called my number and was responded by " the number you called is no longer in service". So i went to ask what had happened.Both of the guy at retail store and who i had called told me that my... More


Rude call centre agents

(about 1 month ago)

Virgin Mobile's call centre agents are rude after receiving a call from them and asking for my husband. I told the agent that my husband is at work and if I could just get their message. I was flatly told that I should just tell my husband to give them a call and hang up. This is not the kind of... More


I'm leaving you soon.

(about 1 month ago)

I have been with Virgin Mobile for several years now and have always made my monthly payments on time. Last year I upgraded to a Galaxy something something with them and locked into a 2 year contract so I could get the phone free. I have a small data plan that doesn't cover much. I use it for pict... More


Money hungry, greedy & demanding

(2 months ago)

I signed up with Virgin mobile via The Source, just over two years ago. I didn't get a contract I got a super tab. 10% of your bill payment goes down to paying your supertab. From the get-go arranged for my billing due date to be close to the end of the month around the 28th, Virgin mobile the fir... More


Customer service... doesn't happen here

(2 months ago)

"We want to make sure we are treating you real nice" This felt more like an insult after I was through with them. Virgin mobile customer service disaster, no offence I called at 10 pm from Toronto. disaster ..... no offence but spoke to a superrrrrvisor, these guys are robots,no message goes throu... More


Worst customer service

(2 months ago)

When I set up my phone and tablet plan, I specifically requested 1 bill for both plans. I registered online for paperless bill and paid my monthly accounts on time and in full. 5 months later, I get suspension notice letter for my tablet plan for non payment which caught me by surprise thinking tha... More


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