Svetlana 2 years ago

My Huawei Ascend P1 switched off and won't turn back on. How to fix it?

My phone was on and battery was almost full. Than at some point I wanted to make a call and pushed the side button to wake it up, but it did not work. I've tried to hold it for a longer time, but it did not do anything. The phone is off now (I've tried to call my number from another phone). The led light is not lid and does not lid up when I plug the charger in. So the phone gives no response for any pushing-pressing-plugging. I've even took out SIM card (because it is the only thing I can take out) and put it back in and it did not do any difference.

So how do I fix it? How do I reboot the phone??

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you!

  • Guest_52943 2 years ago

    Press and hold Power+Sound UP buttons for 10 seconds. That helped me.

  • trevor 2 years ago

    I tapped the back of the phone on my palm. maybe the battery was loose, if that's possible . my ascend p1 went off after I pressed the power button a lot of times really quickly. I'm a bit disappointed with the video playback on this phone , even on small files. the playback is sort of pulsating (sounds weird i know. like fast then slow) using v player seems to help a bit though .any suggestions on that one ? and the camera is crap indoors .

  • Your name 2 years ago

    Power + Sound down button!

  • Olivia_84381 about 1 year ago

    I am currently dealing with this problem and none of the above work.
    I've had this problem previously and held the power button and sound down button which worked however not so.
    Any other Ideas?

  • alliecatt about 1 year ago

    I cannot get mine to turn back on i'm worried, any other solutions? I've tried everything.

  • Jake about 1 year ago

    I just picked up one of these phones a little while ago. What probably happened is the battery died. Mine was plugged in and charging while I was texting, or so I thought. The screen blacked out but the red light indicating it was charging was still on. Wait about 5 minutes while it's charging with the red light on before trying to turn it on again.

  • Reza_11266 about 1 year ago

    Some one pinched my phone while it was in my pocket although it hurt them but now it doesn't turn on .
    I did all that power button and the + sound up or down
    it didn't work

  • Ben_91052 about 1 year ago

    Press and hold power+sound button for 10 second. After the logo came up, press the down button again.

  • Toops 7 months ago

    For future reference, I've had something similar with the Ascend P2. It would not react to anything (not the recovery tricks either). I've left it alone for a few hours, then was able to ressuscitate it.

    I plugged it in for a minute, disconnected, left it for a few mins, plugged it in for another minute, left it for a few mins, left it plugged a little longer, removed again for a few mins, plugged it in again, and the red led showed up. It was blinking at first then stabilised (P2 red means battery depleted/charging). After some charging, I was able to turn it back on.

    I honestly don't know if this progressive connect-disconnect is any use for others. I did that because when leaving the phone plugged in right from the start, it would start heating up worryingly (I put it in the freezer for cooldown). But who knows!

  • Jesse 5 months ago

    Hold the power button and sound button and keep tapping them both. It works for me:)

  • Quest 1 5 months ago

    I have tried holding the Power+sound button and pressing the down button but it won't work.

  • Afsana about 1 month ago

    Last night my phone switched off due to no battery. I left it to charge over night and it was full, until this android sign shown up and started flashing, all the battery was drained and every time I tried to turn it off it just restarts again. I attempted this hold power and sound suggestion and now a white screen with orange Chinese writing flashes on and off. Any help, please?

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