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8.1/10 AVG.

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Specs / Features

Closed circum-aural headphones | Exclusive diaphragm technology offering amazing sound quality | Mobile, light, comfortable and high isolation headphones | Multifunction remote | Compatible with all smartphones

Closed circum-aural headphones | Exclusive diaphragm technology offering amazing sound quality | Mobile, light, comfortable and high isolation headphones | Multifunction remote | Compatible with all smartphones



Type Over-Ear
Volume Control Yes
Playback Control Yes
Noise Canceling No
Brand Focal
Model Focal Listen Wireless
Warranty 12 months
Weight 300 grams (10.59 ounces)

Reviews (8.1/10 Avg. rating)


Delivers the sonic goods when tethered

from TechHive
They deliver outstanding Bluetooth wireless range and hands-free performance, but you'll want to plug them in to get the best sound... Full review

Focal brings wireless to their already excellent Listen headphones

from Techaeris
The Focal Listen Wireless stand up to some of the best wireless headphones in this price point and arguably some priced higher. Focal continually impresses us with their sound and build quality and their comfort is pretty amazing as well. If you’re looking for really great sounding wireless headphones, these are a pair you should consider... Full review
Digital Trends

Killer battery and clear sound

from Digital Trends
Like its predecessor, the Focal Listen is aimed at listeners who want balance to accommodate their varied tastes in music. Those seeking to exclusively indulge in hip hop or electronica would be better off looking elsewhere. For that reason, these headphones won’t appeal to every user subset, but those looking for warm, detailed sound will feel right at home here... Full review
Audio Advice

High-end sound, modest cost

from Audio Advice
Obviously, we love the sound of these for the money. Unless you have a larger head, they should fit and feel just fine. They really are the perfect versatile headphone. You can travel with the Listen Wireless and easily drive them with your smartphone or use Bluetooth for the ultimate in convenience. The Listen will appreciate that better portable DAC. Then you can use them at home to really kick back and enjoy the music... Full review

Crisp and clean Bluetooth cans

from Technabob
Focal has another winner on their hands with the Listen Wireless Headphones. Like the wired version, they sound fantastic, offering up clean and accurate music reproduction, with excellent vocals and very good dynamic range... Full review
Headphone Review

Excellent sound, nice design

from Headphone Review
Focal is taking its headphone business seriously, and it shows. The Focal Listen Wireless don’t just look good — they sound good too. While there are some issues with comfort, that’s not a deal-breaker by any means... Full review
The Gadgeteer

Good all-round headphone

from The Gadgeteer
The Listen Wireless (and wired, for that matter) is Focal’s way of saying that they can make something affordable without sacrificing much of what makes their higher-end headphones so good. If you’re looking to upgrade from skull-bashing, boomy headphones, you should try Focal’s Listen Wireless. Not only will they retain the powerful bass you crave, but you’ll also gain audio clarity along with the convenience of going wireless. It’s definitely an improvement over many headphones in its price range and above... Full review
PC Magazine

Delivers a beautifully balanced frequency response in an easy-to-operate design

from PC Magazine
If you're looking for huge bass or completely flat response, the Focal Listen Wireless headphones satisfy neither criteria. Instead, they will appeal to listeners who want something closer to flat response, but are happy to receive some extra richness and boosting in the lows. Overall, it makes for a clear, balanced, full sound signature, but there are many good options out there... Full review

A premium wireless headphone with refined sound and presence

from Cnet
Focal's Listen Wireless is well-built Bluetooth headphone with rich, refined sound imbued with a lot of presence -- perhaps too much for some people... Full review

Easy to use controls, long battery life

from MajorHifi
Summing up my experience with Focal’s first Bluetooth headphone I can say that a lot of people are going to be impressed with the Listen Wireless. It’s a comfortable, portable crowd-pleaser that looks and sounds better than most wireless headphones in the same price range of just under $300... Full review

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