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Brand Here Plus Me

Reviews (7.3/10 Avg. rating)


Battery shortage and clunky interface

from Wired
It’s one of the more thrilling gadgets I’ve tried in a long time. Controlling the world’s sound is a superpower I never imagined having, and one I don’t want to lose... Full review
New Atlas

Ultra-smart wireless earbuds with too-short battery life

from New Atlas

Considering the amount of fun (and, in some cases, practical) stuff that's going on inside this ambitious product, it's too bad to see it held back by such a painful Achilles' heel. The addition of great-sounding streaming makes Here One a huge step forward from Here Active Listening, which was essentially a concept augmented reality product. And perhaps in a year or two, more advanced battery tech will allow the company to deliver a truly killer follow-up product with at least double the streaming battery life. Right now, though, you have to go into it knowing your music-listening time wil... Full review


Futuristic Here One earphones are smarter than the AirPods

from Cnet
Doppler Lab's new totally wireless earbuds don't quite live up to the hype, but these feature-laden headphones are one of the best AirPods alternatives we've tested to date... Full review

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