• JayBird X3
  • JayBird X3

The Jaybird X3 is a significant improvement over the X2 and one of the top Bluetooth sports headphone currently available.

- David Carnoy , Cnet 

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Brand JayBird

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An improvement in almost every way

from TechRadar
The Jaybird X3 are an excellent pair of wireless in-ears for everyday use and workouts alike, with some forgivable shortcomings given their impressive affordability... Full review

Affordable sports earphones without the compromise

from Pocket-lint
The Jaybird X3 earphones are lightweight, easy to carry around, great to use while exercising, and have impressive audio that's infinitely customisable via an intuitive app... Full review
The Gadgeteer

Crisp clear audio quality at all frequencies

from The Gadgeteer

The Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth headphones are now my favorite Bluetooth earbuds. The MySound app is the reason I love them because I can create my own equalizer sound preference(s) and save it directly to the earbuds. If I want to change to another preset, I just tap on another within the app and I’m good to go. This makes any genre of music sound great. I also love that I can use these earbuds for about 8.5 hours when the headphones are set at a moderate volume level. The music controls and the calling features all work well, the Bluetooth range was excellent, and charging time wa... Full review


Great-sounding sports headphones that offer a secure fit

from TrustedReviews

One of the biggest draws of the X3, relative to its predecessors, is their affordability. With that in mind, they’re an excellent choice. The fit is super-secure while remaining comfortable, the sound quality is great, and the battery life hasn’t been sacrificed. The Jaybird X3 rectify many of the complaints we had with the X2 and Freedom models. Like the Freedom, you’ll probably find yourself fiddling around with the fit out of the box, but once you’ve found a winning combination, you’ll be rewarded by wireless sports headphones that won’t budge.Full review

Apple Insider

A great choice for pumping iron

from Apple Insider
If you need a set of Bluetooth headphones and don't care about Apple-exclusive pairing options, the X3 is certainly a must-look, even if you don't care about exercise. They certainly have price going for them, since at $129.99 they're cheaper than anything Apple has to offer... Full review
Digital Trends

Deliver the goods while you break a sweat

from Digital Trends

Whether Logitech’s acquisition of Jaybird had anything to do with the improved performance in the X3 is unknown, but in any case, we came away pleasantly surprised. The audio quality is easy to appreciate, while the comfier fit and relative ruggedness serve to make the X3 a well-rounded product with plenty of value. As with any wireless sport earbuds, durability and longevity are understandable concerns. Jaybird sells the X3 for $130, which isn’t bad for what you get, but we’ve seen them go for $100 at Best Buy, which is well worth the price for the audio fidelity alo... Full review

Canadian Reviewer

The gold standard of sports bluetooth headphones

from Canadian Reviewer
If smartphone companies want the audio jack off, this is definitely a good alternative specially for active people who enjoy using their headphones outdoors. It takes a real wireless headphone company to understand what users want and the combination of great design and materials, superb sound and fit plus a cracking iOS and Android app for deep tuning sound makes this the gold standard of sports bluetooth headphones... Full review

A wireless earbud grows up

from Gizmodo
Despite launching a full $50 cheaper than last year’s version the X3 aren’t cheap. But for their comfort, better-than-average sound, and bulletproof connectivity they’re a meaningful iteration of one of the best bluetooth earbuds on the market... Full review

A top wireless sports headphone

from Cnet
The Jaybird X3 wireless sports headphone is smaller than the X2, has improved battery life, costs less and sounds excellent for an in-ear Bluetooth headphone. It's sweat resistant and comes with a compact protective carrying pouch... Full review

A solid headset for the money

from Wired

The fit is much improved. The X3’s features a skinnier shape than their bulky predecessor, and they slide into more ears more easily. If the cable is too long, a simple plastic clip mechanism takes the slack out of the line and keeps it from flapping against your neck. Snapping the removable fins onto the earpieces helps keep the tips in position. As long as you find a good seal with the tips, the sound from the 6mm drivers is not quite excellent and a little harsh at higher volumes. But that’s an acceptable trade-off considering the X3’s ability to withstand rivers of swe... Full review

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