Apple Watch Series 2

8.2/10 AVG.

  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch is great, but it still isn't a perfect device, and given its price, that's a big problem.

- Prasid Banerjee , Digit 

Hardware perks, watchOS 3 bring Apple Watch a step closer to finding purpose in life.

- Valentina Palladino , Ars Technica 

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Reviews (8.2/10 Avg. rating)


A smartwatch that's a good fitness tracker as well as a phone companion

from TrustedReviews
The Apple Watch 2 might not look any different, but the refinements that Apple has made are all spot on. If you want a smartwatch that doubles as a solid fitness tracker then this is a fantastic option... Full review

Boasts a number of improvements over the original

from Recombu
The Apple Watch 2 is undoubtedly one of the very best wearables that we’ve rocked on our wrists. With a massive selection of design combinations, essential features like built-in GPS and waterproofing, plus a refined OS and plenty of app support, there’s pretty much nothing to dislike about this second-generation Watch. You can pick it up now from £369... Full review

Appeals strongly to athletes

from NDTV
If you're looking for an all-purpose fitness watch to complement your iPhone, Apple Watch Series 2 is exactly what you need.  If you can live without integrated GPS and don't plan on swimming much, you can go for the revised Apple Watch Series 1, which now starts at Rs. 23,900 and offers good value for those who use an iPhone while exercising... Full review
Tools & Toys

Provides an incredible experience

from Tools & Toys
Yet there’s no arguing that this is a superfluous device. Is the Apple Watch a state-of-the-art device? Yes sir. Is it a desirable object to wear on your wrist? You ma’am. Is it a must-have Apple device? I’m not kidding when I say it’s close to being must-have. But it isn’t must-have. And in a world with ever-shortening upgrade cycles, fast-paced technological innovation, and fluctuating international currencies, the Apple Watch is the first Apple gadget to go... Full review

Near, yet far

from Digit
The Apple Watch Series 2 is as close to perfection as smartwatches have come, but it is still far from the ideal. It’s faster, but not fast enough. It’s also good, but not good enough. It’s a device that lacks true utility even now, but it’ll make a great gift for your fitness-conscious friend and colleague... Full review
The Indian Express

This is a lifestyle choice

from The Indian Express
Given the build quality and sheer usability, the Apple Watch 2 is now the best smartwatch out there. Buy this if you want to make a style statement and a lifestyle statement. For me, the Apple Watch, especially the satisfaction of seeing those full rings at the end of the day, has been a good motivating factor that helped me lose a couple of kilos after many years... Full review

Doing well in both the fitness activity tracker and the smartwatch categories

from Softpedia

For existing Apple Watch owners, the second generation comes with just two different substantial upgrades: the GPS sensor and the waterproofing. First and foremost, the GPS module is clearly a welcome addition because it provides us with stats that were previously available on devices such as Microsoft Band and Fitbit, but on the other hand, it's nothing that you couldn't live without. As far as waterproofing is concerned, it's certainly a welcome addition, not because you can swim with it (because you won't), as the existing implementation of swimming support is still in its early day... Full review


The lowdown on the high life of a smartwatch owner

from Techly
For smartwatch connoisseurs, I can tell you it’s an excellent piece of kit. The non-solid band is a plus for me, but will be a negative for others. The screen is the same. Functionality is basically the same with some major improvements to battery and usability. It’s also waterproof, so swim away... Full review

Considerable and growing

from iMore
Like iPad 2, Apple Watch Series 2 did indeed get faster. It didn't get thinner or lighter, though. Instead, like iPhone 3G, Apple used the second generation to fill out features, specifically GPS, and to boost brightness, battery life, and water resistance... Full review

Much-appreciated performance boost

from PhoneArena
In a lot of ways, the Apple Watch Series 2 feels a lot like an Apple Watch 1.5 – and we already made the comparison to one of Apple's S-year iPhone upgrades. While the user experience has matured since the first-gen model, most of that's due to the upgraded watchOS 3.0 software, meaning that even old Apple Watch units are able to enjoy the same benefits... Full review

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