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The Microsoft Band 2 is better designed with more functionality than ever, making it one of the fitness trackers to have this year.

- Lily Prasuethsut , TechRadar 

Specs / Features

Size Medium fits wrists 6.4"-7.4" | Continuous heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality | Works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone* | Get email, text, calendar, and call alerts on the go | Tracking for running, biking, golf, and more

Size Medium fits wrists 6.4"-7.4" | Continuous heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality | Works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone* | Get email, text, calendar, and call alerts on the go | Tracking for running, biking, golf, and more



Brand Microsoft
Model 4M5-00002
Size 12 x 12 cm (4.7 x 4.7 in)

Reviews (6.9/10 Avg. rating)

Sunday Express

A sequel that’s better in almost every way

from Sunday Express
Microsoft Band 2 is a compelling refinement of last years’ fitness tracker. The Redmond technology firm has softened the harsh manacle-esque design that made its first wearable infamous, and increased the functionality of Microsoft Health’s data-fuelled smarts... Full review

Function over form

from Pocket-lint

If taken on its features alone, the Microsoft Band 2 would be the smart band to beat, because it offers more than most of the competition out there.

The problem, however, is that the Band 2's design still isn't good enough. An activity tracker or smartwatch is a device you want to wear all day, but the Band 2 is just grating. Having to wear it at night after enduring a day is just a step beyond too.

Like the original device, the Band 2 has heaps of potential. Tweak the design to factor in comfort, trim the physical scale, and Microsoft could have a winning device. For... Full review


Ugly, uncomfortable, but great for workouts

from Gizmodo

There’s a whole plethora of fitness trackers out there, some of which have all the same sensors that the Band is packing around the same $379 price. They also come in packages that look prettier and don’t slowly eat your wrist over the course of a day. In other words, you should probably buy one of those.

But while the hardware of the Band itself sucks, the Microsoft Health software is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. It isn’t limited to Band users — you can already integrate with apps like RunKeeper and Strava, and that list keeps increasing. In... Full review


Powerful life tracker captures massive amount of data

from ZDNet

There are a ton of daily activity trackers, but none with as many sensors as the Microsoft Band 2. You can fully customize the tiles you have on your Band so that you can have it focused on running and workouts, smartwatch notifications, or miscellaneous apps like Starbucks, weather, and news.

The vast amount of data collected by the Microsoft Band 2 on the Microsoft Health website is incredible. With the ability to export that data as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, it's great to know the data is yours too.

I mostly spend my fitness time running outside, but know th... Full review

What Mobile

Tons of sensors, charges in minutes

from What Mobile
For sheer hardware, the Microsoft Band 2 is still the ultimate fitness wearable with masses of sensors and some excellent software. Unfortunately, it’s also pricier than its predecessor and doesn’t necessarily offer any new killer features to justify the hike. The design is still dodgy and the battery needs improvement; two points which we think are pretty important for a fitness wearable to get right. You’re on the right track Microsoft, just keep heading for the finish….. Full review

An iffy battery life and ropey iOS app hold the Band 2 back from being a top fitness tracker

from Stuff
If you’re not that fussed about all the bells and whistles then you can buy one of the aforementioned trackers and get a good understanding of your fitness level.But the Microsoft Band 2 is more tailored to those serious about fitness and improving their health, rather than just hitting 15,000 steps each day. Especially as it comes in at a hefty £200.It's size and design makes it a little ungainly, but the excellent software and sheer amount of features mean that it's an excellent piece of wearable technology for the 21st century fitness fanatic... Full review
Expert Reviews

Primarily a fitness wearable while a rudimentary smartwatch

from Expert Reviews

The Band 2 is an improvement over the original, then, but not a massive one. Despite tweaking the design of the original, issues such as the bulky strap return, albeit to a lesser extent. The curved screen is a genuine improvement, as is the premium metal finish, and battery life is finally long enough to get you through a working day when you’ve enabled GPS for the morning commute.

It’s primarily a fitness wearable, so while it has rudimentary smartwatch features, they aren’t up to the same standards as either the Apple Watch or Android Wear. However, it wipes... Full review

Tom's Guide

Sleeker curves but smartwatch price

from Tom's Guide
Not only is the Microsoft Band 2 packed with sensors — eleven in all, including GPS, heart rate and a UV monitor — but it does so in a far more attractive package than the original. In my two weeks wearing it, there was a lot I liked about the Band 2, but in many areas, I found it didn’t measure up to other fitness trackers. Its sleep tracking and heart rate algorithms have to be improved, but most of all, I wish its battery life were longer... Full review

Leaner and meaner

from Recombu

As with its predecessor the Microsoft Band 2 straddles the worlds of activity tracking and smart wearables rather well. It offers perhaps one of the most robust experiences compared to other fitness-centric devices like the Jawbone UP3 and Sony Smartband 2, but also adopts a focused take on the smartwatch.

The design is also a significant improvement over its predecessor’s, even if it still feels big and bulky – a symptom of its sensor-rich innards. We’re not all that surprised by the £199.99 price tag, which places it at the upper end of the activity trac... Full review


Great screen, easy to setup, but battery life isn't great

from TrustedReviews

The Microsoft Band 2 is a marked improvement on its predecessor. It has a more intelligent design and wealth of new tracking features, thanks to the addition of a barometer sensor.

However, a few niggling issues remain. Its design still isn’t quite right, resulting in the Band 2 feeling uncomfortable to wear during certain exercise. Its application offering is also a little lacking compared to the Apple Watch and most competing Android Wear smartwatches – which limits its appeal to anyone outside of the Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.1 ecosystem.

If i... Full review Reviews Summary

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