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Brand Logitech
Model Boom 2
Warranty 24 months
Release date 15-September-2015
Size 18 cm (7.1 in)
Weight 548 grams (19.34 ounces)

Reviews (8.5/10 Avg. rating)

Absolute Geeks

Astonishing sound quality, easy to carry around

from Absolute Geeks
The UE Boom 2 is certainly an impressive bluetooth speaker. For it’s size, it boasts a powerful sound and is perfect for audiophiles who like to travel with a handheld speaker. The speaker sells for $199 and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a shiny new bluetooth speaker... Full review

A nifty pill-like boombox

from VR-Zone
The UE Boom 2 is a solid pill-like portable speaker that can withstand harsh treatment. It’s highs sound fantastic and its volume is rock solid. The design is absolutely lovely and its battery life is insane. We only hoped that the bass of the UE Boom 2 was stronger for this price tag of S$319.00... Full review

A delightful speaker

from Digit
The UE Boom 2 is a prolific successor to the original UE Boom. It carries with itself the same design, and great audio performance. The speaker delivers clean, powerful audio that is very well balanced. It is highly recommendable for anyone looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker at this price... Full review
The Indian Express

Sounds good, sounds expensive too

from The Indian Express
Ultimate Ears’ UE Boom 2 speaker definitely has some positives such as long battery life, and a good sound quality. However, I feel the price is a bit on the higher side, and the sound quality is not so exceptional to warrant the same... Full review
Android Guys

Bluetooth speaker in a booming package

from Android Guys
UE brings a bangin' package with the Boom 2. There's a lot going for it - rugged design, easy usability, great battery life, and terrific sound quality. It's not a cheap Bluetooth speaker, but you won't be disappointed if you're willing to invest... Full review
The Gadgeteer

Wonderful audio quality for its size with great Bluetooth range

from The Gadgeteer

The UE Boom 2 is an excellent speaker in terms of audio quality. I enjoyed listening to music on it because the audio is crisp and clear when listening to all genres of music and did not have any upper-frequency damping issues when bass frequencies were present. It is also small, portable and waterproof. It has great volume and will allow you to connect two UE Boom speakers together (as a stereo pair or doubled up to play the same stream). The Block Party feature is a wonderful added bonus. Using this feature within the UE Boom app, you can have three people pair their devices to the speake... Full review


Minor, but worthwhile upgrades for a modern classic

from TechRadar
This sequel to the UE Boom nails everything it aims to accomplish. Even better, what used to be the best Bluetooth speaker around for most occasions is now the best one for every occasion, thanks to the waterproofing... Full review

Tough, but not the best Bluetooth speaker

from Alphr
Despite these niggles, the UE Boom 2 is a decent Bluetooth speaker, with plenty of things to recommend it. It’s tough, looks great, goes very loud and, for casual listening, the sound quality is fine. The speaker is packed with features, too.There are, however, better value speakers on the market when it comes to all-out sound quality, not least the cheaper Ministry of Sound Audio S Plus and the slightly more expensive Beats Pill+. Unless you desperately need the waterproofing, I’d consider those two first... Full review

Gesture-friendly, waterproof, and still awesome

from TechHive
Boom 2 is an excellent follow-up that adds a waterproof housing, gesture control, and playback from two source devices at the same time—not to mention you can pair it with your original model to double up the sound... Full review

Durable speaker for use on the go

from MacRumors
Overall, the UE Boom 2 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker with a rugged design that can stand up to day-to-day abuse. Its $200 price tag puts it well above many other options on the market, including Ultimate Ears' own well-regarded UE Roll at half the price, which may give some potential customers pause. But the long battery life, strong wireless range, and nearly 360-degree sound combined with water, dust, and drop resistance make it worthy of consideration for those looking for a durable speaker for use on the go... Full review

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