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  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat
  • Monster SuperStar BackFloat

Specs / Features

Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology



Brand Monster
Size 19 x 5 cm (7.5 x 2 in)

Reviews (7.8/10 Avg. rating)


A buoyant Bluetooth speaker with a thick skin

from Cnet

You can spend less on a budget Bluetooth speaker like the JBL Clip+, but it won't be as tough as the BackFloat, whose unique ability to stay afloat earns it extra points for ingenuity and practical application in the pool or other wet environments like the shower. The Logitech UE Roll is another waterproof option that requires an additional accessory for use in the pool, but you get a price break at $100 bucks, which I consider to be the sweet spot for Bluetooth speakers. The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is a good-sounding speaker that does the job, especially in the outdoors, but I'd like t... Full review


The best waterproof bluetooth speaker yet

from SlashGear

It does sound good. Certainly good enough for a trip to the beach or your bathtub or shower.

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is also shockproof, just in case your tiny cousin decides they want to throw it to you like a frisbee and it bangs up against the rocks near your beach chair - no worries!

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat waterproof bluetooth speaker will cost you a cool $149.95 USD right this minute. You'll be able to purchase it online through Monster Products or wherever fine Monster audio products are sold, and it's available in "Neon Blue" or "Neon Green" - t... Full review


Can not only withstand poolside splashes, it can float in the pool

from TechHive
No one passionate about music will use the SuperStar BackFloat as a reference speaker, or even as their primary indoor audio system. But it's great for its niche—if you can get over its price tag, that is... Full review

Boasts booming bass & crisp audio

from iDigitalTimes
The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is a compact, portable, waterproof, rugged speaker that floats and punches above its weight when it comes to bass, volume and sound clarity. At $149.99 the speaker is a bit more expensive than some other options, but the build quality and sound quality make it well worth it... Full review
Chip Chick

The perfect pool party companion

from Chip Chick
It is a fun speaker that you will want as your constant companion this summer season. And because of its easy portability, water resistance feature, and overall durability, it will help turn any drab day by the pool into a pool party. I highly suggest strapping the Backfloat on to a Kayak or maybe even a Jet Ski… the possibilities are endless. This is a perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life who simply loves music, or for those who like to make bath time a little bit more lively... Full review

Sounds good considering the size

from Pocket-lint

The Monster Superstar Backfloat Bluetooth speaker delivers ample audio in a water-resistant floating package, meaning your swimming pool or bathtub can become a haven of tunes.

But if you're not fussed about the water-resistance then there are more capable speakers on the market. And that's the clincher: better sound quality, longer battery life and more affordable price points elsewhere mean the Backfloat isn't quite the superstar it could have been.

Saying that, if you're seeking a good all-rounder for the pool or beach then the Monster SuperStar Backfloat has its mo... Full review


A semi-amphibious Bluetooth speaker that doesn't offer up much else

from TechRadar
What the Monster SuperStar BackFloat does best is in the name. It floats in water on its back and plays your tunes. Other than that admittedly cool ability, this Bluetooth speaker doesn't offer up much in the way of game-changing features.This speaker's high asking price, average battery performance and limited range in sound cast a shadow that its cool ability to float can't quite escape. However, if you do look past its price and many flaws, you'll enjoy this semi-amphibious speaker... Full review
Mac Sources

Incredibly simple, great sound

from Mac Sources
The SuperStar BackFloat is a win in the Bluetooth speaker category. It’s easy to pair with your device, provides a quality sound with ample volume, has a fantastic battery life and is water/splash resistant. The BackFloat is a great companion for your iPhone or any other Bluetooth enabled mobile device... Full review

Sounds amazing and waterproof

from GeekBeat

The speakerphone function works fantastically, with the small waterproof mic on top able to pick up voices from across the room over the din of a small heater and humidifier. The water resistance really works as well; it may be too cold outside to go test it in a pool, but in a full bathtub the unit does float on its back like the name implies. Audio sounds just as crisp as out of the water, and even the speakerphone still works, though the microphone hole sits almost underneath the waterline. The owners manual does make it a point to make sure that the headphone and charging jacks are cove... Full review

PC Magazine

Quality audio performance but a bit overpriced

from PC Magazine
It's hard to complain too much about a water-resistant speaker that also delivers quality audio performance for its size, but the BackFloat does seem slightly overpriced. It delivers audio more or less comparable with speakers that cost significantly less.At $170, the Monster SuperStar BackFloat is the rare speaker that delivers a rugged, splash-proof design and solid audio together, but even so, its price seems a bit out of step with the rest of the competition. .. Full review Reviews Summary

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