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Specs / Features

Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers | Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation | High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit | Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship

Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers |
Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation | High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit | Elegant styling and exquisite workmanship



Brand OPPO
Model PM-3
Weight 320 grams (11.3 ounces)

Reviews (9/10 Avg. rating)


Solid-performing planar-magnetic headphone

from Audioholics

The Oppo PM-3 is the perfect balance between luxury and affordability. There is no denying that with today’s advances in technology, alternate headphone designs, such as planar magnetic, have been overdue for a more affordable re-work. Planar magnetic and electrostatic sound signatures share an uncanny accuracy, flat frequency response and unparalleled detail. It’s no wonder that fans of these headphone designs tend to become evangelical about their distinct sound signature.

In the PM-3 you get a solid-performing planar-magnetic headphone with all the best that it entail... Full review

Gavin's Gadget

Sounds marvellous and comfortable to wear

from Gavin's Gadget
I am amazed at how Oppo managed to manufacture the PM-3 Headphones for such a competitive price of around £349. This is even more remarkable when you take into account the class leading innovation and technology sitting inside these headphones. They also sound marvellous, comfortable to wear, keep your music private to yourself and come with all the extras cables need to provide compatibility with a multitude of mobile devices too. Seriously recommended... Full review
Gadgety News

Very comfortable, isolation is excellent and the sound quality is amazing

from Gadgety News

The sound from the Oppo PM-1 had me uttering expletives (in a positive way), as did the price (not so much positive). They are still the best headphones that have cosseted my ears. But that price. The PM-3 will cost you £350, still not bargain basement but they do sound so very good. They also look pretty fab too. I challenge anyone to find better portable headphones out there at this price, heck, add a couple hundred quid and you’d still be hard pushed.

The Oppo PM-3 are very comfortable, the isolation is excellent and the sound quality is amazing. How they have mana... Full review


Such a solid headphone

from Headfonia

Unlike a lot of the price-sensitive planar magnetic competition, the PM-3 is more than just a great-sounding device. Like the HA-2, it is awesomely outfitted for its price, and awesomely finished at any price. Unlike the HA-2, it is exquisite for use both out and in. Like the HA-2, it is destined to turn the planar magnetic world on its ear.

No longer can company X churn out a great-sounding, but otherwise crap headphone. The PM-3 looks, feels, and works like it was someone’s life work. That is, with the crazy exception of its indelible ear pads. Through cold and sweat, you li... Full review


Sound quality, styling, comfort, build quality, isolation, and accessorization are all very well executed for this price

from InnerFidelity
All-in-all, I find the build quality, comfort, and styling well above average in its class, mainly in that it does such a great job covering all the bases. Real leather and 50 grams less would have put it right at the top...but I'm not sure real leather is actually more comfortable and cooler on the skin than high-quality protein leather. (Have to look into that one of these days.) The big question is how do they sound?.. Full review

Impressive headphone -- both in terms of build and sound quality

from Cnet
The Oppo PM-3 is an impressive headphone -- both in terms of build and sound quality -- although how impressive you think it is will depend on what music you feed it and from what source. It's not as comfortable or versatile as the Sony MDR-1A, which does a better job smoothing out everything you throw at it. The PM-3's sound is a bit riskier, revealing flaws but also making well-recorded tracks sound better than you thought they could... Full review

Simply fantastic

from TrustedReviews
The Oppo PM-3 are some of the best portable headphones ever made, offering comfort, sound quality and isolation that should make most other headphone makers extremely jealous. They hit the target so dead-on you could almost believe a soul or two has been traded away at the crossroads just for their sake.However, the Oppo PM-3 cut all that out, and the impression we get is that a much greater percentage of your cash goes into the sound quality. And all without trading away comfort or a classy-looking design... Full review

Provides a very high quality and expressive sound in all genres

from RAQWE
The most affordable model in a line of headphones Oppo is regarded as an excellent high-grade sound system for personal listening to music at home and on the road. We strongly recommend that you look... Full review

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