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Specs / Features

System on a chip: Apple S1 | Storage: 8 GB | Initial operating system: watchOS 1.0 | Display: 42 mm: 24.34 30.42 mm; 38.96 mm (1.534 in) diagonally, 312390 pixels, 326 PPI | Battery: 246mAh

System on a chip: Apple S1 | Storage: 8 GB | Initial operating system: watchOS 1.0 | Display: 42 mm: 24.34 30.42 mm; 38.96 mm (1.534 in) diagonally, 312390 pixels, 326 PPI | Battery: 246mAh



Brand Apple
Model MJ3T2HN/A
Warranty 3 months
Size 1 x 3 cm (0.4 x 1.2 in)

Reviews summary

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What's good  

  • Vibrant and sharp display
  • Different sizes to appeal to those who want a larger or smaller watch face
  • Sturdy and attractive design
  • Useful notification and text features

What's bad  

  • Some third party app crashes
  • Making and taking phone calls more novelty than useful
  • Requires commitment to Apple products to take full advantage of features

Apple is not the first company to release a smartwatch by a long shot, but as with its other products it has set the bar for the quality, price and functionality of its first wearable. The Apple Watch Sport is the "cheapest" of the Apple's offering, but it still is significantly more expensive than its competitors. As the base model, the Sport comes with a brushed silver aluminum body, a scratch-resistant glass coating for the screen and is splash proof as evidenced by the IPX7 rating.

In comparison to other smartwatches, experts note the Sport was very durable as it did not show any scratches or dings even when left in their pocket with keys, coins or even another smartwatch. As with other smartwatches, users can easily switch out the watch bands though even the lower priced silicon bands tend to be expensive. Still, critics found the prices reasonable considering the quality and density of the rubber with Engadget going so far as to call it "premium (for a rubber strap)."

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The Sport comes in two different sizes: 42mm and 38mm though both are the same thickness of 0.4 inches. Many reviewers consider the 38mm size a "game changer" as it is one of the few smartwatches available that will appeal to women and those with smaller wrist. Besides this, they all also consider the Apple Watch to be one of the best designed smartwatches available due to the attention to detail and overall build quality. Alphr states, "It's the first smartwatch I've used that I'd wear not simply for its technology, but because it looks great."

Besides design, the biggest draw to the Sport is its high resolution display. The 38mm has a resolution of 340 x 272 for a pixel density of 290 while the 42mm one has a resolution of 390 x 312 for a pixel density of 302ppi. Like Apple's other products, the Sport display wowed experts with its vibrancy, crispness and excellent contrast. They also found the touch screen to be very responsive with its swipes, taps and force touch.

To control the watch further, the Sport comes with a digital crown that performs different functions based on whether users spin it, press it in, double press or press and hold. Many reviewers found it fairly intuitive and even those with self-described "fat fingers" had no problem using the dial. While it took some time to get used to, after a week or so most got used to the touchscreen/digital crown combination.

While the Sport can obviously be used as a watch, it also provides numerous other features like notifications, making and taking phone calls and sending/receiving text messages. For critics, they found the notifications to be the most useful as they were able to control how many notifications their watch received and assign a different haptic feedback based on the type of notification. Phone calls, on the other hand, were more of a mixed bag. While some thought the feature was useful, especially when driving, others considered it a middling-to-poor experience as any ambient noise made it difficult to hear the call. Engadget adds, "The novelty of talking and listening on my wrist dissipated after just a few calls." On the other hand, they all describe the messaging system as the most useful feature as they were able to use Siri to dictate the messages or simply tap on a list of relevant replies the Watch provides.

For the most part, the performance was relatively smooth though some experts did run into crashes and lag, namely with third party apps. Most, however, blame this more on the software than the actual internal hardware. Apple advertises the battery life as lasting 18 hours, which matches up to reviewers' experiences. In fact, most were able to get around a day and a half of charge as they were not constantly using all of the battery-draining functions of the watch.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the Sport is its reliance on an iPhone. In order to take full advantage of it, it needs to be wirelessly connected to an iPhone at all times. Otherwise it's simply just a watch. And because of it is an Apple product, it is gated into the Apple universe in terms of apps. While some critics didn't have an issue with this, others that relied on Google services like Google Calendars and Gmail found they couldn't take full advantage of its capabilities as they would need to switch over to Apple's own calendar and email client.

Overall, most reviewers consider the Apple Watch Sport to be a beautiful and ingenious piece of wearable technology and a great choice for consumers who are already locked into the Apple environment. Wareable states, "…if you love your iPhone and want some of the best looking wearable tech on offer today – the Apple Watch is for you." Digital Trends states, "…if you're even slightly tempted by an Apple Watch, make the effort to try one out. We think you're going to like it."

Reviews (8.2/10 Avg. rating)

Top Ten Reviews

It's incredibly well-designed and stylish

from Top Ten Reviews

So is the Apple Watch worth your time? Well, as much as we hate to say it, it really depends. For now, the Apple Watch is for early adopters that enjoy exploring the latest and greatest technology. If you have an iPhone, always want to be connected, deal with lots of notifications, and want a personal accessory that helps you keep in touch with friends and loved ones, consider going with an Apple Watch. Even though it's the lowest-grade model, the Apple Watch Sport is still one of the most expensive smartwatches. It doesn't have the best battery life, is relatively slow and has a steep lear... Full review

What Wearable Tech

A great smartwatch choice for busy life

from What Wearable Tech

The Apple Watch Sport is a good 1st generation product that you'll find useful if you want the best of a smarwatch and a fitness band.

It will allow you to conveniently make calls, receive and reply to text messages, keep up to date with social media notifications and more. It will therefore be a useful addition in helping you to keep on top of your busy life.

When it comes to getting you fit it has an inbuilt accelerometer to track your steps taken and your calories burned while using it's Activity and Workout app to give you guidance on how to keep striving towards your fi... Full review

KL Gadget Guy

Great build quality, reasonable battery life

from KL Gadget Guy

Is the Apple Watch Sport worth its $349 price tag? Yes and no, depending on how you perceive it. The Apple Watch is a quality product as you would expect from Apple, its premium build quality and rich software experience is definitely worth its asking price. However, if you are looking for a wearable that you can call it a true companion for your iPhone, the Apple Watch is still far from being one as you will still need to complete most of your tasks by taking out your phone, it will take a while for Apple to make watchOS a better wearable operating system, and I certainly do not see any po... Full review

For the Love of Tech

For early adopters

from For the Love of Tech

Ultimately, reviews come down to buy or don’t buy, and then you have to take the buyer’s needs into consideration.

I would say that the best bet is to wait for the second generation. As with all Apple products, the second generation will be much better. This is obviously a first generation product. Sure, WatchOS 2 will make it better, but the second generation model will be even better.

There are already rumors about the Apple Watch 2, including a FaceTime camera and Wi-Fi. There are even rumors that it will launch in September, which I really doubt. GPS wo... Full review

Good Housekeeping

Easy to navigate, comfortable to wear

from Good Housekeeping
The Apple Watch is the best example of the smart watch we've seen to date. Easy to navigate, the smart watch lets you access various functions on your iPhone without even removing the device from your pocket. The voice assistant works well across a range of applications, we like how it suits small wrists and looks stylish too. However we were disappointed it isn't waterproof, just splash resistant, and we'd also prefer to be able to dial a number direct from the watch rather than having to rely on calling back contacts or numbers already in your Recents list... Full review

Apple sets high bar for smartwatches on first attempt

from ZDNet
The Apple Watch Sport Edition is available for $349 and $399. I have the larger 42mm model and actually paid $599 for it on eBay. With sales tax it ended up being a $150 premium over the Apple Store. However, the Apple Store models show shipping dates in June and July. Other models of the Apple Watch start at $549 and go up to $17,000. Some people really value having a watch so get the model that fits your lifestyle and budget... Full review

Exceptional build quality, refined OS and interface

from Audioholics
The watch feels like a big beta test. I think the hardware is rock solid. The software on the other hand has some problems. Many times when I’m using the app on the phone to interact with the watch, it locks up or appears to lock up. This may be the same reason there are delays on the watch itself. I think whenever there is a connectivity problem or when data is being sent from the phone to the watch, both suffer... Full review Reviews Summary

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