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Every time I put it on it feels like I'm putting on the future, and I love it.

- Rene Ritchie , iMore 

The Apple Watch excels as a fitness tracker and remote control, but it's hampered by app loading times and home screen clutter.

- Susie Ochs , Macworld 

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Brand Apple
Release date 10-April-2015

Reviews summary

Based on 49 reviews

What's good  

  • Highly customizable
  • Good fit
  • Quality design
  • Magnetic charger
  • Extensive app selection
  • Apple Pay

What's bad  

  • Limited standalone use
  • Limited size options
  • Learning curve

The wearable market has big missing a big player since its creation, but that is about to change. With the unveiling of the Apple Watch, fans of the iOS ecosystem now have an option for jumping into the world of Smart watches. While the technology is still relatively new, the Apple Watch has some big shoes to fill already. Does it live up to the hype, and most of all, was it worth the wait? Let’s see what reviewers are saying!

While many other makers have chosen to go with a traditional round face, Apple is sticking to a rectangular design. Available in both 42 and 38mm sizes, you have a few options for finding a good size and fit for your wrist and preferences. Reviews loved the 42mm models in most cases but found the 38mm a little cramped for regular use.

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It is also available with a variety of bands, ranging from the rubbery Watch Sport bands to the linked chain and leather of the Watch and Watch Edition. CNet noted, “They all had a great wrist feel.” One area where many reviews conflicted was the price of the watch bands. While some are affordable, others can add to the cost of the phone surprisingly fast. However, if you don’t mind the price, and should want to change bands, most feature quick disconnects and universal connection points to make swapping a snap.

One thing is clear from reviews--Learning to use your watch efficiently takes a little time. Fortunately, reviews also agree that this is one of the most full-featured smart wearables to date. Operating the phone is done through swipes, tabs presses, the Digital Crown and one other button. While initial thoughts on the Digital Crown were pessimistic, reviewers found that the concept of a scroll wheel combined with the smaller screen works well for navigating the phones various menus. That is, once you remember which gesture does what. Gizmodo sums up concerns well, stating, “Sometimes when I tried to tap, it thought I was trying to Force Touch—and it wasn’t always clear which one I needed to do to perform any given action.”

The watch is compatible with iPhones models starting at the iPhone 5 and up. Pairing is achieved with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing greater range and more consistent connections than other wearables. Reviews didn’t much about stability, but did mention that pairing with the phone was effortless and easy to understand. While the watch will function without pairing, your options are limited to basic features, such as music playback, direct communication, Apple Pay and activity tracking. Notifications are relayed using Apple’s Taptic feedback and audio cues. Reviews of these systems were great, with TechCrunch stating, “Compared to most haptic feedback in wearables that I’ve tried before, it’s almost on a completely different level.”

Adding apps to the Apple Watch appears to be simple. You just launch the App Store on your phone and tell it to install on the device. Support from third-party developers appears good, even out of the gate, and will only increase with time, adding additional functionality to the watch. But don’t expect to play 3D games or run anything too intensive. AnandTech notes, “Apps other than the clock – which is essentially part of the home screen – have a short but distinct loading time. Once you’re in an app most move smoothly as you’d expect, though flipping through one of the Apple fitness applications saw noticeable stuttering.” While it's clearly not a powerhouse, there aren’t really any wearables that are currently.

Apple says a single charge is good for roughly 18 hours of mixed usage, including 90 notification checks, some light app usage and a couple phone calls. Phone calls can be taken on the watch, thanks to a speaker and mic, but will quickly drain the battery. Charging the watch will also mean adding another charging cable to your collection. However, reviews on the charger are quite good. Using a magnetic connection, you simply snap the charger on the back of the phone. This avoids any awkward clips or hard to position stands seen with other smart watches.

Overall, reviews are positive for Apple’s new device. The biggest questions have nothing to do with the Apple Watch at all, but the future of wearable gadgets as whole. AnandTech sums up the general thoughts well, stating, “More than a few people I know gave up watches because their phone was convenient enough for a time piece, so getting them to buy back into watches is not a given, particularly since the Watch only has very limited functionality without an iPhone by its side to provide it with data.” If it’s something that you think you’d find useful, reviews indicate that it works great, it’s just a matter of finding the best ways to use it.

Reviews (7.5/10 Avg. rating)

What Mobile

The undisputed smartwatch for the iPhone

from What Mobile
The Apple Watch is the undisputed choice for owners of an iPhone. The price tag is the same as the competition but you’ll be getting an optimised experience with Watch OS 2. It does the job of enabling you to not have to access your smartphone so frequently, which is the main point of a smartwatch... Full review

The Apple Watch's series of small conveniences add up to a surprisingly meaningful and useful experience

from ITProPortal

It’s hard to capture the entire experience of such a personal device in a review, which will inevitably focus on tangibles: the specs, the appearance, and so on. However, it’s worth saying that, despite having tried many smartwatches in the past, the Apple Watch is the first one which hasn’t failed our 'three week test'. Where other smartwatches tend to stop getting picked up and put on the wrist after a few weeks of use, the Apple Watch is something we still put on every morning, and miss if it’s not there. That’s a good indication that, in the long term, Appl... Full review

The Indian Express

Best smartwatch, but better for Apple devotees

from The Indian Express
This is the best smartwatch out there and maybe, the only complete watch-first app ecosystem. It is a great investment for people who are devotees of the Apple world, as it improves productivity, fitness and, of course, subservience to the tech giant. It is also a great pick for those fascinated by watches and want to add another digital dial to their collection. This is not for the masses and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple launches a no-frills version in the near future. Till then, the Apple Watch will stay the pinnacle of personalised tech luxury... Full review
Hardware Secrets

Excels at both design and build

from Hardware Secrets

There are a few drawbacks to owning an Apple Watch right now. First, the quality of voice conversations needs to be improved. Also, although the watch has some functionality when your iPhone is not in the vicinity, many of the features will not work unless your iPhone is nearby. Ironically, you can use Apple Pay on the watch without having your iPhone with you. Luckily, in this software version, the watch automatically locks when you remove it from your wrist and it requires a passcode to reactivate. Last, but not least, while many apps work on the watch, we need more to take advantage of g... Full review


The smartwatch you want, not the one you need

from NDTV
If you have an iPhone and if you want a smartwatch, then you'd want to buy an Apple Watch. Android Wear watches don't support iOS and products such as the Pebble Time and Fitbit Surge have limited interactivity with iPhones due to Apple's software restrictions. The Apple Watch feels very polished for a first generation device and its trade-offs (battery life, lags) are minor and shouldn't stop you from buying the device... Full review

The Apple Watch is not revolutionary, but merely acceptable

from Audioholics

My opinion is simple. I am enjoying my watch. I don’t regret purchasing one, but I’d probably be just as happy if I’d waited and instead spent the money on a Garmin. I’d only wear my Garmin if I was running, and I “get to” wear the Apple Watch all the time. But I can’t recommend buying one. Unless you are an Apple fanatic, or simply like having new tech gear, skip this version, especially now. No one knows what the upgrade cycle is going to be for the Apple Watch, so there is no hurry to run out and buy a half finished product which could be obsolet... Full review

GSM Dome

Tailored to Apple fans, elegant yet overcomplicated

from GSM Dome
The Apple Watch gets from us a 9 out of 10 for design, an 8.3 for hardware and a 7 for OS and UI, with a final grade of 8.1 out of 10. The OS feels immature, but the watch remains a premium piece of gear, tailored for Apple fans and owners of other Apple devices. I still say the watch is too small and the software and UI are a bit overcomplicated... Full review
512 pixels

Apple Watch probably isn't going to change your life, but it will make it better in a bunch of small ways

from 512 pixels

I'd recommend it to anyone who is strongly tied to their iPhone and is looking for something to track their fitness. That combination is what sets Apple Watch apart from things like the much-cheaper Fitbits of the world. Having one wearable to deal with notifications, fitness and more is great, but by no means necessary. That's where the rub is with this thing. Apple Watch is much more about want than need. I can't judge that for anyone but me, but it is something to think about. Apple Watch probably isn't going to change your life, but it will make it better in a bunch of small ways. I fin... Full review


Functionality was outweighed by the discomfort of the design

from AnandTech

For those still deciding on whether the first Apple Watch makes sense, I have no reservations in saying that it’s the best wearable I’ve ever used. However, at the same time I find it hard to recommend this first-generation Apple Watch. It’s clear that there are far too many obvious areas to improve upon, areas where Moore’s law will help to dramatically improve the experience. In the case of smartphones, Moore’s law made it possible to deliver true all-day battery life and fluid app performance. After spending a few months with the Apple Watch, all I can see i... Full review


I'd recommend waiting till the next model

from UltraLinx
If you're considering buying one I'd recommend waiting till the next model. The Apple Watch still needs some work and it's not all that useful. The next model should be much sleeker, the app store will be much more developed and there will hopefully many more useful features. I'll admit I've even forgotten to wear it sometimes when leaving the house - I think that really sums up how important it is in my life... Full review

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