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Specs / Features

Compatible only with Android | Does not work with iPhone

Compatible only with Android | Does not work with iPhone



Brand Asus
Size 5 x 4 cm (2 x 1.6 in)
Weight 3 grams (0.11 ounces)

Reviews (7.5/10 Avg. rating)


Uncompromising when it comes to features

from N4BB
The Asus Zenwatch’s standout feature is not a feature unique to it — but it’s a feature many of the smartwatches out in the market today do not have just yet. This standout feature allows users to view their phone’s camera viewfinder right from their smartwatch, letting them take photos from unique angles. This feature is a feature that’s arguably both necessary and unnecessary at the same time, yet it’s the same feature that makes the Zenwatch standout the most... Full review
Digital Trends

Tasteful design at the right price

from Digital Trends

If there’s one word I’d use to describe the ZenWatch, it’d be “imperfect.” The design is beautiful, but imperfect, because the band isn’t as comfortable as it should be. The software is good, but imperfect, due to the short fall of Asus’s bundled software and unreliable heart rate monitoring.

Even at its $199 asking price, which is affordable for Android Wear, I can’t quite recommend Asus’s first attempt at a smartwatch. Its better qualities just aren’t enough to redeem it. I went in with an open mind, but my experience... Full review


Design over the functionality

from Phonedog

For $200, I can’t expect this watch to be perfect and it’s obviously not. But that doesn’t mean it is a bad smartwatch. If you’re looking for a budget smartwatch that won’t break the bank, you have an Android device and you prefer the design over the functionality; then I think the ASUS ZenWatch is the one to beat. It’s very customizable, you can swap out the straps and you can customize the watch face with the free ZenWatch Manager app. If you plan using this watch to send a ton of voice messages or significantly reduce the amount of time you pull your p... Full review

Tech Advisor

It does the job but could be so much better

from Tech Advisor

The Asus ZenWatch isn’t the most impressive smartwatch we’ve ever used, but it’s not the worst either. It’s a very good-looking, stylish smartwatch – something that’s a rarity in the smartwatch industry. The lack of buttons is definitely an issue, especially with the touchscreen input being as frustrating as it currently is. It does however boast a decent battery life and enough sensors for you to shake a stick at. Ultimately though, when you put this up against similarly priced smartwatches like the Moto 360, it can’t compete. The Moto 360 has a bu... Full review

What Mobile

Sophisticated leather strap, excellent voice recognition, well priced

from What Mobile

Of course, with its leather strap, you could argue that the ZenWatch was never meant to be used as a fitness device, and if you’re okay with that, it just might be the smartwatch for you. But there are still a few too many caveats to make a ringing endorsement for everyone to buy it.

The Asus ZenWatch is handsome enough, but it fails to stand out from the crowd of Android Wear devices. Google’s wearable operating system still feels like a solution in search of a problem: too many alerts just direct you to pull out your phone, so really, why bother? Unless you have a s... Full review


Easy on the eyes and wallet

from TechRadar

If you want a nice-looking Android Wear smartwatch for around $199 (£199, about AU$252 ), the ZenWatch is another very solid option. There's nothing here that could be described as a killer selling point, and it doesn't quite stand up to the Sony Smartwatch 3 in terms of battery life or general ruggedness. Regardless, this timepiece is certainly in the top tier of rectangular Android Wear watches on the design front.

If you're sold on Google's wearable OS, our best advice would be to find a shop where you can compare this in terms of look and feel against the Moto, LG and S... Full review


Offers both an upscale design as well as high-end materials without the use of plastic

from Notebookcheck

All things considered, the Asus ZenWatch (Wi500Q) is a pretty impressive smartwatch. We really appreciate the high-end materials like stainless steel and leather, which make the smartwatch look more respectable and less like a hightech gadget. We also like the additional features which allow the user to remotely trigger a smartphone camera or control a Powerpoint presentation running on a PC.

The IP certification certainly could be a more stringent one: as is, swimming is unfortunately out of the question. We'd also would like a brightness sensor and better display readability in... Full review


The most stylish smartwatch currently available

from TrustedReviews
Overall, though, we’ve yet to find a killer app that really makes an Android Wear smartwatch, and in this particular instance the ZenWatch, a must-have. In some ways Samsung has actually taken the right approach here by having a fairly bulky device that includes a load of extras, including a headphone jack so the watch can be used for music playback independent of the phone, an IR blaster for changing TV channels (makes much more sense on a watch than a phone) and, yes, a button! Then again, it doesn’t run Android Wear so has its own issues... Full review
Android Police

Offers the best overall value of any current Android Wear smartwatch

from Android Police
I still think the G Watch R is the best Android Wear device, but it's $300. For $100 less, the Asus ZenWatch is a close second. Frankly, it's hard to recommend the GWR over the ZenWatch with that kind of price gap, especially as we get toward the end of this first-generation Wear product cycle. Unless you must have a round screen, the ZenWatch offers the best overall value of any current Android Wear smartwatch... Full review
Android Central

Finally, a new contender for Android's best smartwatch

from Android Central

Until now, it's been pretty easy to pick out a "best" Android Wear smartwatch. The Moto 360 from the beginning ran away with that title, but the ASUS ZenWatch now threatens to take over that top spot. And, really, there's no reason why the two can't live in the same house. A good bit of that decision will just come down to personal taste. Maybe a truly round watch just looks better to you. We could (and will) make an argument that a round watch face provides a more immersive touch experience than a square one, particularly a square one that's inset as much as the ZenWatch's display is.

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